What does Bipolar Depression Feel Like?

Feeling this one today, wish all the McMuggles could too. Sucking it up is not an option.

Normal is out there

Today I am enduring a heavy portion of bipolar depression.  A very heavy portion.  And I have tried in the past to explain how this feels to the people in my life.  And I have heard so many people’s stories about how they have tried to explain it to their loved ones.  And it never really quite works.  Because those three little words that we hate so much…”suck. it. up.”  come by much too frequently.

So, I’ve come up with an explanation that may help.  And by all means, let me know what you think!

First, you must stay up for 48 hours straight.  Go ahead and drink coffee, that’s not a problem.  This is just to get you ready.

The struggle begins on hour 49.

Are you exhausted? Cranky? Angry? Short-tempered?  Perfect.  You’re ready to start your day.

I know you want to go to sleep, but you can’t…

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