Road To Hell, Good Intentions, Etc

I had not planned on a second post this day but…Yeah, family.

I waited til nearly 4 p.m. to go fetch my kid from my mom’s…where upon my arrival I am informed my kid has head lice and is upstairs getting treated by my sister, after they had dad and his gf go buy the very chemicals I absolutely told them I did NOT want used on her.

Off to the races. “We weren’t trying to take over your kid.” “We were trying to help.” “You’re ungrateful.”

Mom really went off on me when I muttered about the devil girls, always the devil girls bringing the lice around and Spook will get the blame, fuck lice, fuck you people…That woman jumped so far down my throat she tickled my pancreas. I mean, think channeling satan scene from TV. She just went so hateful and off the fucking reservation. All because I was pissed they didn’t call me about my kid having lice. MY kid. My kid who has a dry scalp and everything breaks her skin out so I choose to use alternative methods that fucking work just as well.

“We’re trying to help you!”

Fucking furious doesn’t begin to cover it. Even hours later I am furious. I am even more furious because my kid informed me A.) It was my brother in law’s buddy who dictated precisely what lice kit he uses on his kids for my dad and them to go buy. B. ) My genius sister rinsed Spook’s hair in a bath by dumping water over her head so the shampoo stuff ran over her skin. Now her entire body is itching and red.

I can’t speak out further, of course. That makes me ungrateful.

I am fucking pissed off that everyone and their dog chimed in on MY kid and I wasn’t even informed. Because they were trying to help me.

There is no way in hell some idget not related to us in any way should be allowed to dictate what treatment is used on my child. I have my own method and yes it is a hassle but now that I found out they basically let her sit in the tub of water with the medicated louse removing chemical shampoo rinsing down her naked skin….GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I am her mother. I should have been the first call.

I am her mother. My methods and preferences should be respected.

Now I’ve got dad and them waving how much the treatment cost them, and my mom talking about what problems my poor sister had to go through treating Spook…

For fuck’s sake.

To add to it all…The idget who dictated what lice treatment to get…His gf is the one that hangs out with my sis and Spook adores her (god knows why, she’s nice but interesting as drying paint)…And this person I am not even related to, or even close to, is telling ME, “I told Spook if she is nice to you, she can come stay with me on my birthday.”


Seems you should be asking the mother rather than making promises to a kid because you know, maybe we have plans or she is grounded or some shit.

I keep trying to remind myself, my sister saved me some work. But the poor kid’s scalp reeks so bad of chemicals I can’t breathe in too deeply nearby her. And you have to do a second treatment anyway so what the fuck. Oh, and this pricy “miracle” cure kit idget recommended had this stuff like a deodorant stick to rub at the back of the neck where the things can  nest…well now her skin is red and she is itching anyway.

Fucking stellar.

I came away feeling about an inch tall. They just…say the right words but they are usurping my parental authority in every fucking way. Nothing I do helps, because I am being ungrateful or silly or whatever other thing they want to hurl at me rather than admitting…even with good intentions, you disrespected me and put my kid in harm’s way

Fuck good intentions...

And fuck bringing her home from mom’s every single time with them tearing me down to nothing so I feel like I am such a bad parent, I should kill myself and let those perfect citizens have her. She likes them better anyway.


Just had to happen at splat time where my self esteem is so eroded I almost believe that bullshit. Almost. Now to tend to my kid. Her skin is itching. I wonder why.


17 Responses to “Road To Hell, Good Intentions, Etc”

  1. fuck! just fuck! They need photos of the rash, and a phone call listening to her cry because they hurt her. And yes, they should listen to the child’s mother and respect her instructions since they obviously don’t get she’s got sensitive skin that can’t tolerate the shitty chemicals. FUCK. No, it’s not ingratitude to expect them to treat her, and you, with love, and not disrespect, disregard, and disdain. I’m so sorry they did this shit to her, and then acted as if somehow your reaction was improper and impolite. I admire your restraint not pouring irritants on them all. No, you’re an awesome parent and you LOVE your Spook, never believe anything different. Ever. They should have let you know and followed your instructions and not gone off on their own. And while I’m ranting, fuck Miss Prissy’s Bitchday party. I wouldn’t go and I wouldn’t subject Spook to have to stay anywhere where disrespect of one’s mom is the standard of education. Her apology in front of you AND Spook should be required before I’d darken that door, or subject anyone to that kind of shitty, prideful airs of superiority. Sorry.

    • It’s just nice to have some validation. Everyone around blames my “mood swings” for any time I assert myself and it just gets frustrating to the nth…Thanks for letting me know I wasn’t overreacting and being a bitch.

      On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 10:12 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


  2. Uggggh the hell. If there is one bugbear I have, it’s people who do not take the parent’s wishes for their children into consideration when it should be the #1 consideration. Ugh so much emotional abuse they’ve put you through. -__-

    • I am thinking about suddenly becoming too busy for her to have sleepovers with them or having her perpetually grounded, as far as they are concerned. I can’t stand being usurped at every turn. It’s like they’re not just ruining my kid, they’re turning her against me.

      • Man, I bet that’ll get some massive blowback and drama, but damn it — she’s *your* kid and you know what’s best for her.

      • Yeah,. but not seeing her for a month might actually drive the point home. I dunno. Even better I can tell them I have no gas in the car so they’re welcome to come get her.
        That’s happened twice in 7 years so…That might work.

  3. Speechless. I agree with DM. I’m so livid FOR you that I’m about to go in my car and kick THEIR fucking ignorant and ungrateful assess. I just… FFS I am murderous. (could be my meds that are intensifying my feelings of retribution on the world. Not a bad thing) You give me a date, and I’ll be there and I’ll cut those unfaithful ignorant mother fuckers down. Because YOU are Spooks mom and YOU are the one that has her best interest at heart EVERY DAMN DAY. Fuck those mother fuckers. And make sure R and Mrs R are there because Mrs R is the only one that’s ever been decent to you and I want to thank her and I’m gonna gut R and use his insides to tow Jezabelle right back to the hell hole it came from. *WRATH of Sass*

  4. Omg the thoughtless, disrespectful, ill mannered fuckwits!!

  5. I encourage followers of this blog not to take to heart your inebriated ramblings. You are one of the kindest people I have ever known so you will be forgiven for dick behavior soo much.
    Cross that line, drunk or not, and you will have officially alienated the entire WordPress tribe. Please don’t be that guy.

  6. I’m speechless. I’m trying to think of what these people even bring to your life that is worth dealing with their bullshit, and I can’t think of anything, except that you had a car to drive, but even then, they drove you insane over it.
    I’m not the person to tell you what to do, because I often let my parents rule my life. But, I know what I would want to tell you. I know what I would want to tell them. I think your idea of keeping Spook away from them for now is a stellar idea.
    Please save me a front row seat to Sasstacular!

  7. GAH!! Your family n their swarm need a time out, ,,, FROM BREATHING!

    • The Swarm. Yeah, that explains that crew my sister runs with. I am gonna use that. They’re like fucking locusts.

      On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 7:00 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • My Mom has a group of guys (10-12) that look out for her at her work. (She’s 72 y/o) she manages a men’s rooming house for over 2 decades. I just started calling them her swarm& it stuck lol.

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