Lithium and Depression Woes

What the actual fuck.

I noticed for awhile I wasn’t getting nausea with my a.m. lithium. It was a nice nine day respite. Today, though. Wow. I feel like I could hurl pea soup. I should eat. I can’t be arsed. Beef jerky is food, right? I had a piece of that. Stupid lithium, what do you need, a four course meal to avoid the nausea?

I get homicidal when shrinks and various other cockweasels insist lithium does not cause nausea. For some of us, it does. Also, extreme thirst, and we all know you drink toilet water for lithium thirst. (Inside joke.)

My head also hurts in spite of Tylenol. I figure between my meds and bad genetics, I’m gonna have some sort of fatal organ failure, what the fuck, take another pill and another until it works.

The problem is, it’s too sunny out. Which makes my burgundy curtains seem way too bright. And it makes my head hurt. But when it is gray and gloomy I feel even worse. I am a conundrum.

I had a four thing goal list to do before I bring my kid home today. My give a damn is busted. Stupid splat exhaustion.

I however have kicked my ass and bullied myself into accomplishing two things on the list. I vacuumed theΒ  hallway and her room, put down new rugs (ya know, new means, from a yard sale). I changed her bedding. Now I can’t bring myself to face the plethora of other shit that needs done or even the last two things on my list. Maybe later. Maybe when my head doesn’t feel like a puppetmaster is behind my eyes, using the muscles like marionette strings.

I keep trying to point out all the good things. Forget the bad things. It’s not helping. I know I shouldn’t feel this way. Things aren’t that bad. Yet my brain is covered in this gauzy fog of darkness where not even winning the lottery would change a thing. Hell, at this point, I’d be too tired to go through the rigamarole of cashing the damn thing in.

One last thing…

If you’re gonna stalk my blog, er, I mean, FOLLOW…Drop me a comment once in awhile. Just let me know you’re reading. Tell me I am a twonk. Ask me what hair ferrets are. Just speak up on occasion. I’m needy that way.

Actually…the biggest compliment I have ever received in my life was a few weeks ago when I needed the campaign to get the car licensed…And an anonymous reader who follows but does not comment…Donated and said it was worth the money if I just keep writing.

Yeah, nothing has ever meant more to me than to have my writing wanted and encouraged.

So, yeah…Needy me.

16 Responses to “Lithium and Depression Woes”

  1. Idiots! Doctors & such that prescribe anything should know that not ALL bodies are the same! Can’t they prescribe you something for the nausea?

    I consider beef jerky food. πŸ™‚

    The sun definitely does not help if you have a bad headache. Hmmm can you somehow drape a comforter or blanket over your curtains??

    • I normally have black curtains underneath to block light but I decided to take those down and wash them and peel off six layers of cat hair. So up the burgundy went and four days later…the black ones are still in the laundry room, waiting for me, mocking me.
      I just managed a shower so my head is clearing a bit and I smell like Irish Spring instead of depressive stench πŸ˜€ Little victories.

  2. yeh, ur a twonk. πŸ™‚

  3. My pdoc told me that lithium doesn’t cause nausea and I’m like but this woman, a friend, she said, oh fuck it. Cause I wasn’t gonna argue with her medical degree that particular day.

    Beef jerky is absolutely food. It’s beef that been..well…jerked. πŸ˜‰

    I will tell you that if you win the lottery and can’t be bothered to go cash it in, I’m more than willing to come help you deal with that shit!

  4. You make beef jerk sound…porn-ish.

    I ignore the doctors for the most part. When the drug company website sees fit to list possible side effects (may cause nausea, take with food, etc) then obviously the docs are just ignorant. Kinda like Latarda making me suicidal and my doc says no, but there it is in my pharmacy insert and on their website…
    Ignorant to be so educated.

  5. What about leprechaun pants?
    And i agree on doctors as assfucks.

  6. Heather Ruark Says:

    Still reading…not stalking. πŸ™‚ Totally worth the money.

  7. Lithium made me projectile vomit for almost a month, it happened while my blood lithium levels were absolutely fine. Anomalies happen (and some pdocs are twonks).

    Thou art not a twonk.

  8. Good. Cos being Twonky just sounds like a generic version of Twinkies.
    We all know I am filled with venom, not creme.

  9. That lithium thirst is the worst. Makes me want to scrape the skin off my face

  10. Ya ain’t a twonk (wtf is that anyway? ?) You’re a butt head lol!! πŸ™‚

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