I Am Feeling Stellar!

Um, yeah…April Fool’s Day.

Truth be told, I am…resigned to have survived today.

It took four “snooze” hits to wake up, even though my kid had slept through the night and was nagging me awake.

While I went on a hunt for pants in the midst of six unfolded baskets of laundry, I pacified her, at her request, with watching Horror Daycare.

So it went: put gas in the car, hit the atm, go to the hospital for the lithium blood draw (I told the spawn they were feeding my blood to a vampire so she’d laugh rather than scream that they were hurting me with a needle)…We stopped for cat food and such, hit Dollar Tree so she could spend her Easter money, then a yard sale where she got a Littlest Pet Shop deal for a buck…

And I am swearing the whole time, because some jackass changed lanes at the last minute and nearly took out my fender, then the death trap decided to lose acceleration, in the middle of an intersection, then in a busy cross section…I took the car to O’Reilly’s automotive for their little electronic diagnostic and it says the same R’s son in law said on his doo-ma-hickey…BUT O’reilly’s at least admitted, if it is an MAF sensor problem, it may only throw a code while driving and having the issue…

I texted R as much. He didn’t even text back with a “Ok”.

Went to pay rent, came home. Spawn decides to start nagging me because I had the audacity to say we would go out later and I didn’t deliver in six mintes…

So we went. And she questioned me, every turn made, every place went. Which just made me fucking furious. THE CAR HAS ONE STEERING WHEEL, I AM DRIVING, SHUDDUP!

One more yard sale, one more store for cat food…Home. And she still nagged me and had a fit cos Grandma said *maybe* a sleepover but my mom has the flu now…

I’m ready for the rubber room to escape Ms. Complains-A-Lot.

Add to it my net service has been spotty in spite of paying the mafia, er, I mean, Mediacom…Blaaarrrgh.

Oh…And this is the kicker.

I beat myself up, felt so guilty, kicked my ass to the hospital lab…

And I called to see if they got the results faxed and they tell me, “well, both doctors are out today, so  we can discuss it TUESDAY when they get back.”

OMG, that is so fucking awesome, waiting til Tuesday for a doctor to let me know if Lithium has made me toxic and is destroying my innards!!!!

Fuck you, professionals. You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.

If I have to wait four days to find out if my Lithium levels are toxic or not…




3 Responses to “I Am Feeling Stellar!”

  1. What bullshit! Just more proof for me that doctors don’t care. I need to get my eyes checked for this med I’m on. Doctor told me to get my eyes done. I told her I don’t have money for that as I have no eye insurance. She told me she won’t refill my med prescription then until I do get it done. I just frickin’ told her its not possible!! Grrrrrr…

  2. OMG what the fuck is wrong with people. Don’t these doctors have someone to back them up? Obviously the answer is no, but I had to ask the question, cause…I don’t know why. I’m so disheartened by the sheer volume of doctors who don’t seem to give a shit, yet I feel so blessed to have my therapist who is just fantastic. My pdoc is decent, but I wouldn’t leave her because I don’t know what the jackpot of the world would serve up.

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