When Molehills Really ARE Mountains To Be Scaled

Newbie Kitten Pic


I have nothing new or important to say.

But in keeping with the sunshine spewing therapy mongers…I did complete a couple of goals today and I want to pat myself on the back. Only cos the shovel is out in the shed and I am too lazy to go get it and whack myself in the head with it.

1.) I fixed a good super- meat, potatoes, veggies, fruit.

2.) I showered.

Now it doesn’t seem like much but…that molehill, for me, really is a mountain. That I scaled this much…I have to let it mean something.

Tomorrow’s goals, aside from paying bills, is to finally get my ass out to the lab for the lithium level draw. That and try not to hide in the closet to escape my kid. If I hear “Mommy” one more time…It’s like she is in love with her own voice. And even when I am saying yes, she has to argue with me. It’s exhausting.

Now…go look at our newborns and click share. If nothing else…normal people love kitties and will get a smile.


Bedtime. My brain quits for the day.


11 Responses to “When Molehills Really ARE Mountains To Be Scaled”

  1. Sending hugs…ik hearing mommy 5.7 mill

  2. I think it’s just the fact that it’s only me and her here, so starting every single sentence with “Mommy”: rather than just stating or asking…I’d feel the same way if someone were to use my name. I also got sick of the donor always addressing me as “Babe” or “Honey”…I am just an impossible bitchbeast, I guess. If only my ears didn’t interpret every sound as nails on a chalkboard…

    But yeah…Were I not so down the drain mentally, it wouldn’t be so bad. I waited three years for the kid to decide to talk at all so I would miss it…Just…grrr, bipolar depression and anxiety suck.

  3. Awww Kittehs! Floofy LURVE.

    As for the non stop incessant uzi fire chatter, wouldn’t it be great to walk around with those noise canceling headphones they make for race tracks? I wonder if that would help you sleep in order to better handle uzi for chatter in short bursts?
    Random thought.

  4. DUDE if you cooked something you win for the day!!!!!!

    Sometimes I cook just to make myself feel absolved of the guilt that the rest of the house is a disaster.

    And hahahaha about the mommy stuff. It is funny that when they are little we’re like “say mama…mama…Ma Ma!”…and then when they are big we’re like OMG STOP SAYING MAMA”

    btw thanks for all of your blazingly insightful interesting comments you are making on my blog. I appreciate your thoughts and input so much.

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