A Tale Of A Few Kitties And A Car

sweetyswingI have revamped my fundraising campaign and I am just keeping it up until forced to take it down. This time…It’s for the cats. If that makes a difference, I will pay automotive stuff…Which means I am gonna need help with cat care.

Once winter is over,child support is sorted and regular, I don’t anticipate having this much trouble. Of course, I also didn’t expect this car to have more problems than a bunch of pregnant nuns. Probably looking at a grand easy in parts and labor, not to mention servitude to R.

So…Pass this one on. PLEASE, for the love of pegacorn.  Click that share button. Reblog. Write a big post about what a bitch I am whining for money. Because no press is bad press and it’s for the kitties.

Maybe I should just give it up but…Nah. If people can raise five grand so some girl can have her dream bedroom of pink Barbie vomit….

My cats should be able to get donations for their medical care now that Mommy has to make margaritas out of the lemon of a car she got.





14 Responses to “A Tale Of A Few Kitties And A Car”

  1. Lol…hey I got a hooptee but would rather have kitties


  3. Reblogged this on Normal is out there and commented:
    Please please please if you can give even $5 it will be extremely appreciated

  4. i’m broke af but shared on my FB and will donate what i can as soon as i can.
    btw, i love your cats’ names.

    • Thank you 🙂 I didn’t get pics of Voodoo and Willow as they tend to come and go, and Orchid, he runs, too. Pantera was in the other room when the pic was taken…Yeah, too many cats, but half were taken in after a fire at mom’s house last year so even thinking of getting rid of them…Nope, my kid would never forgive me even if I could bring myself to do it. Too attached.
      I consider them therapy pets as no sound is more soothing for my anxiety than a cat purring.

      • I definitely understand. I consider my pets family. it was so hard to re-home my birds (though a very good thing i did because they are the most likely cause of my lung disease) but it was even harder to re-home my dragons. i miss them so much more than i expected to.
        people might say you shouldn’t have so many cats if you can’t afford them but it sounds like it was just unavoidable. its not like you went and paid to adopt them all from a shelter. i have been where you are.
        my boy Simon Patrick might sometimes make it hard to get out of bed with his purring and cuddling but i feel better when i do get up. my pup Siobhan has really become a therapy pet. she worries when i have a coughing fit, whines when i have panic attacks and calming her helps calm me.
        i will donate what i can when my check comes next month.

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