Attention Superstore Shoppers


IF you can afford six bucks for a cup of fancy coffee..IF your purse cost a third of the car I am driving ($65)….or you have gas money and the sanity of mood and lack of anxiety to drive hundreds of miles….


I love my followers, I sooo do and it is a true love…

Still…Considering I received only THREE donations for my car fund and not even a single repost (sans the one who championed my cause, you know who you are)….


While this video does indeed have the tee hees and guffaws…I think it makes an excellent point, even to me…

While we are so busy whining about what we don’t have, we are ever so guilty of indulging ourselves even if that “indulgence” seems insignificant.

That is why, today, even though I was expecting a check that never came and money from it I will never see, I donated $4.00 toward a school hunger cause.

In Texas, a 4 year old child, was denied breakfast because they had zero balance on their “food card”. This little kid was forced to not just go through humiliation and sit there, with nothing, while the friends ate food, but to go hungry.

I am no saint. I don’t claim to be all that deep. I will never earn a medal for being some selfless humanitarian.

BUT….No matter how bad I have it at any time of the year….

I will ALWAYS sign a petition, contribute whatever change on hand, give a dollar bill to a guy with a cardboard sign….

I believe in karma. In truth, I am living karma. This is payback for every time I splurged on things I thought I “deserved”. Things that would not have hindered my life had I gone without. I just felt so damned special and worthy of sixty dollar eye shadow and hundred dollar dresses and thirty bucks for a pair of earrings.

And why not? I had no kid. The income was there.

All these years later I am being reminded just how selfish, shallow, and asshol-ey I was.

Much like the fire fundraiser I had for my mom and them. They have dozens of local friends who come to their house, use their electricity, water, play games, eat their food…But not one person locally donated a cent or even reblogged their plight.

Sometimes…asking for money is just humiliating and yet…a necessary evil, for whatever reasons.

The only thing I can say is…I post proof of what the money goes toward. I mean, even when I did the fundraiser for Abby, I posted the sheet showing she did not make it.

So…if I am asking for donations, even if just five bucks…or so much as a share on social media…You should damn well be sure at this point I am not shallow, not spoiled, just in a bind.

That being said…

A pic of my kid at her spring music program tonight…


Bottom row, far right, fufu blue tutu skirt. MY spawn.






Just…STOP.Β Β  Karma, bitches. It bites. I have missing chunks of ass to prove it.



12 Responses to “Attention Superstore Shoppers”

  1. Wishes she had a money tree…
    Love the frufru blue tutu Spawn πŸ’–

    • The saddest part, dude, is my mom and I both…were spellbound by that sequined dark blue dress the girl was wearing in that top row….I mean, damn, it was pretty. She even had the iridescent shoes that matched it!
      We may be old, and broke, but damn, shiny and sparkly are….pretty πŸ˜‰

      • Man I feel ya! Since when did kids clothes become more fun than adult clothes?!
        If there’s one way to get your attention its shiny and sparkly clothes… And guess with long hair and guy liner πŸ˜‰

  2. I said to my mom, damn, that dress is pretty but you’d kinda need a place and time to wear it…and my bitchy mom said, “If I had a dress so pretty, I’d wear it any damned time I want!”
    Touche, momby.

    I am sad to confess…outside female impersonators…I’ve never met a dude who wore eyeliner. I think it’s hot as molten lava but..But yeah, in Tinytown, Midwest…Never gonna happen.
    Lucky to get these “men” to pull their fucking pants over their underwear, let alone wear guyliner and look yummy.

  3. I WILL NOT WILL NOT Wear Guyliner, but I will tweet EVERYBODY asking them to please help you. ❀ DM. I called my friend and he's already on board too. But he probably has to talk to his wife about the donation. Stay strong!

    • No guyliner???Bummer that. How do you feel about banana hammocks? Cos when Sass and the other Volatile Femmes acquire bipolar island, we’re gonna need to hire cabana boys and there’s a uniform….

      • well, my daughter once convinced me to put on nail polish. She painted my toenails, after I painted her fingernails AND toes. Our little secret. Mine was either purple or black I think, it’s been a LONG time ago. So, if I have someone doing it to me (hey! not like that!!) I might be persuaded, if I can look like this, or better:

        A banana hammock would kill me, let me just sleep on a towel on the sand. Plus, my wife AND I would never be able to work out the physics of sharing a hammock iykwim.

      • Oh Mr. Goody Two Shoes, won’t you strip for me? Sorry, old school Adam Ant fan, had to go there πŸ˜‰

      • hahahahaha sorry, I know we’re just following ancient history, but I just …can’t. It’d make everyone except Mrs M violently sick. Possibly including Mrs. M… sigh! ::Sips virtual v/t w/lime…:: I so wish it were 6PM here so it could be the real thing. Wait, that means I’m disqualified (for next years old age pension?) for the title Goody Two Shoes… sigh. I can’t win for anything, can I?

  4. Guyliner makes my heart beat harder. Love love love

    I put your campaign on facebook but my “real” friends are dicks…I like you people so much better.

    And you are going to get that check if I have to beat everyone at Paypal simple. Fucking paypal.

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