Poem-ing For My Supper

It occurred to me earlier that I am begging upon the already “maxed out” income folks and it makes you feel bad or whatever. And it makes me feel  monstrous…

In an effort to prove I am not lazy, not expecting something for nothing….It occurred to me I could offer up a heartfelt poem from a site I allow to languish simply because most people, like me, find poetry boring.

I wrote this poem many, many years ago when a friend expressed how fleeting her friendships tend to be. I related,

(And to answer questions about gofundme, you can donate five bucks (s0rry if you have to skip that $7.99  mocha latte half cafe soylant green morning drink) or more. EVERY cent adds up for someone in  my position.

Without further ado (fundraiser link to follow at the end)….my poem.





6 Responses to “Poem-ing For My Supper”

  1. nicole noir, I like that one too. 🙂 always with just a lovely shade of darkness.

  2. Poem perfectly states my every moment for the last few months. Hope you are feeling better and if not I’m sorry you aren’t but know you aren’t alone and to write it all down if it helps. Hugs

    • It was written all those years ago, like 14 or so, and it still applies today. My friend will ask, “How are you?” and if I am honest…I am gloomy gus they brush off like dandruff flakes. If I lie and say I am ducky, they are appeased.
      Sad, ain’t it.
      Glad it resonated with you.

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