On Today’s Episode Of The Dumb and The Clueless…

2014-08-24-316-psychiatric-helpTHIS. I want ice pick lobotomies performed on my family.

Whether you follow or not, the fact is I am mid fundraising campaign to pay for, license, insure, etc a car my dad acquired for me without my consent and now I am indebted to him and every other cock weasel around. On the good side…Minus the fundraiser site’s fees, I am just about thirty bucks shy to get it all licensed and fueled and oil change and all that crap “before it’s safely road ready”. Yay. You are all some awesome NON cockweasel folks.

(In case you are new to this spewage receptacle called my blog. MAMANEEDSACAR  is the sob story that yes, even makes me wanna smack myself.)

After I’d posted the fundraiser cos all  “you owe for the car” and “you have to license it or they will tow it away” had me so panicked I was ready to gargle ebola coated razor bloods….I went to pick my kid up at my mom’s.

This is where it gets super cockweasel-y.

There’a a  maroon Buick parked there and I assume it’s one of them all having company. Instead I go inside and my is all like, “See my new car your dad bought me at auction this morning? It was only four hundred and he’s gonna let me make payments on it to him.”





I am a single mom on a fixed income. My mom lives with two others and they have a combined income of four grand a month. I haven’t received one child support payment. And my dad, who divorced this woman 20 years ago…went to auction and got HER a better car than what is supposed to haul around his grandchild! AND she gets to make payments whereas he can’t even loan me enough to license this car he got me without my consent? Yes, I need a different car, but this was all started because my mom wanted her brown car back. Now apparently, dad is gonna take the brown and car and have it scrapped and take that off my mom’s debt to him.

I am just…I have no words. It’s like some reality TV show that runs in an endless loop and I am looking for the ice pick to do my own lobotomy to escape.

I left mom’s that day basically in tears. I mean, knowing how hard I struggle and my dad had that money to buy a car outright for more than what it would take to get me on the road and them off my back….How can it not boggle the mind? How can he so hurtful?

Suffice it say I have been livid since then. Principles and all that. To top it all off he apparently had a chat with my sister and apologized to her because he’s bought me more cars than he ever has her. UM…NO,motherfucker. I paid half on my first car as was the deal. This brown car cash was paid in the demanded amount. They handed down a car. THey gave me a couple of beat up Olds’ they paid a hundred bucks for and I babysat my brother for months to work that off…’

It may make me a monster but I hate these fucking people sometimes.

Let’s just top that off with all the rain and gloomy and my racing brain and the lithium doesn’t feel like it’s working the same but then I had to come off Cymbalta so maybe it won’t work at all without that combo for all I know…

This bullshit about life never giving you more than you can handle needs an ice pick lobotomy too.

Now…I mocked this up just for shits and giggles so…If you can’t donate, don’t worry about it but do use all that social media detritus to pass it around if you would. Maybe I can raise enough to ship my toxic family to some third world country.


Clicky Thingie Ma Bob a Jig



18 Responses to “On Today’s Episode Of The Dumb and The Clueless…”

  1. What. the. Everlasting. Fuck?
    I’m sorry…but right now I hate every single person in your life. Except Spook. Cause she’s a little nutty, but, she’s 6, so she’s supposed to be. It’s like her job.

    Your parents…. There just aren’t words. I’m sure Sass will be by later and she will put the words to what I’m thinking, but the racing brain is just running with sporks and ghostpepper lube and barbwire dildos and can’t put them into a sentence.


    • What the ever lasting fuck…Yeah I like that one. I am probably gonna rip that one off from you, babe.
      And wow,yeah racing thoughts are kicking my ass, too. They wonder why people do illegal drugs but sadly, I could get a shitload of pot cheaper than what pharma wants for generic Focalin.
      That is flipping sad, dude.

      • Honestly, I’m seriously waiting for weed to be legal. It can chill me out. It can pep me up. It can help me sleep. It can help with my pain and my sleep. I can’t overdose on it and if it impairs my memory….well I’m pretty sure I’ve already got that one.

        And yeah….rip away my friend, rip away

      • Pot makes me stupid and sleepy. If I wanted that, I’d still be on Trazadone and Seroquel.
        I just want something to make me feel solid. The middle is good.
        Marija-middle would totally work for me.

      • Different strains-different results.

        I stopped my Trazadone completely. If I don’t sleep well, then I don’t sleep well. But, I needed to rule out the Trazadone from my memory issues. And I have. It’s definitely the Tegretol. This morning I got up to feed the cats. I made the coffee and went back to bed. Never fed the cats. *sigh*

  2. I informed my limited circle, prayed hard, and hope it has a positive impact. Since I’m officially broke, still, brokenness is like an old school bully “friend” who still randomly hits me and gives me non-affectionate mental noogies and friction burns and thinks I ought to like it. And I won’t be able to contribute anything other than the above, and my moral support. But here’s hoping that passing it along makes a difference. But seriously what the hell is wrong with your family? I’m not one to wish everlasting torment on people, but sometimes one comes to the conclusion that some people are just a waste of organized cell life. I have a friend who told me to pray blessings on my “enemies,” until they are so blessed it overflows and blesses me. But what blessing do you pray for when a rain of razor sharp rusty toxic waste infused sporks seems the only fitting prayer?

    • One of your friends already reached out with a donation and I so very grateful to him and to you for putting it out there. I get the broke thing, of course, or I wouldn’t be raising funds. I just think it was dumbass for my dad to do this, knowing I have zero excess income, then nagging me when he has the money to buy a car for his hated EX wife. Swear he’s senile or he just hates me.
      I saw someone’s user name “trying not to hate” and it made me feel like a bad person. I don’t want to hate.I want to embrace everyone.
      Unfortunately when they piss me off or hurt me…I want to embrace them and put the spork of pestilence in their back.

      • Sporks of pestilence and Ice pick lobotomies for everyone!! Can I be first to go?! (no?) well, shit, I hate to wait in line. I hate the downward spiral upside down coaster of doom and despair. I have things I’m supposed to, or have to, do, and have to keep faking like I’m ok and I give a shit about things and other people, and other people’s things, but I really am not at a caring spot because I’m not feeling it. I feel rushed, forced, irritable, inadequate, tired beyond tired, and people still think I should be smiling because to their perspective everything is fine. I think a poem today, but I haven’t sat to write. Had an event for someone else last night and had to fake my way through, and I’ve got another someone- else’s event tonight I’m supposed to care about. I should be a (highly paid) professional actor, ffs!

  3. For all the faking and acting we do just to survive this crap…We should win Oscars and Emmys.

  4. oh, and my friend who donated is broke too, so major kudos to him I guess for figuring out how to “spare a dime,” as the song goes.

  5. I’ve been accused of having a jealousy problem toward well off people but this just proves what I truly believe…Truly Good people act out of kindness.
    The cockweasels who spend $80 a week on their Starschmuck’s mocha cafe ebola GRANDE with rabies foam and could donate to good causes…meh, they just go buy another chotchky they don’t need.
    I have a problem with selfish mean people, rich or poor.
    And I sent your friend a thank you. You guys are soo getting a spork of fortitude. Ya know, when I can afford postage to mail them.

  6. DAMMNED this fuckin sucks ameoba dicks! Sorry! ! Sorry I haven’t commented lately. My brain is sooo totally out of commission ***SPLAT!!!*** love ya!

  7. Oh, dear, don’t let auto correct near any word starting with c and ending with t!

  8. I had to take a deep breath before I threw my phone into the shitter. Here is Sass Rant:
    I have ZERO tolerance lately (everyday) for idiocy and asinine ignorance and hatred. Which pretty much translates to most ppl.

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