Helk!!! Morguemobile Fundraiser



0305161609-00So. That is “my” Jezebel.  R and his son in law got the damned thing running. Who knew.

Now…I owe my dad for what he paid, I owe R for the tow, parts, labor, etc…And then I called the wonderful (read:cockweasel) DMV. $101 for the sticker. $95 for the title transfer. $25 for the state taxes.

Now I couldn’t even afford to pay all my power bill this month so…Yeah, I can’t come up with three hundred dollars.

Then I contacted an insurance agency and sure, they’ll cover me as my mom;s had me as co driver on her policy for a year or two. BUT…There’s more!  I will need an up front payment of $89 to start the policy. After that I can swing the monthly installments but that start up is a bitch.

To top it all off…It’s been fixed less than  48 hours and already R and Ursula are screeching at me to get it out of her drive.

UM….As Spook used to say before she learned to speak properly….HEEELLLLLLKKKKK!

I called local “payday” loan places, thinking maybe they’d float enough to at least get Jezzie on the road, worry about dad and R later as neither of them are gonna be going hungry…But alas, I don’t have enough excess income to qualify for a loan ANYWHERE.

I even snarked at R and dad for all their fussing that they could float me the money any time if they didn’t have a better answer than waiting.

And of course, the whole child support thing was tossed out. It’s barely been 30 days since the order was filed and according to what I was sent it could take another 90 days for that to kick in.

So…Swallowing what little pride I have left and knowing a fundraiser for anything other than sick kids or cats rarely raises much…

Please spread the word about this fundraiser and see if some benevolent souls might at least help me chisel the amount down. Maybe I can eat ramen and stop buying toilet paper for a few months to save the money…



Begging is  debasing. But ya know, when you’ve had such a bad anxiety attack and barfed over the side of a boat on a first date…Yeah, dignity is a non starter.


Aside from all this…I got a break from my kid. I did the wake and sleep thing. Slept until 9:15 and was pissed off cos I was having a dream about the town getting so much rain our entire street was a lake and none of my “peeps” could brave the moat to get to us…

It’s gloomy and gray and that is how I am feeling so…Viva vegetation.


13 Responses to “Helk!!! Morguemobile Fundraiser”

  1. I tweeted this to all six of my twitter followers and a friend already posted the link to his fakebook pages, so here’s hoping. ~DM

    • Thank you my dear sweet Mr. Mumple. Now one of us has to get another follower cos this 6 followers thing is trending and making us sheeple 😉

      On Sat, Mar 12, 2016 at 11:30 AM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


  2. I have shared this on Twitter but sadly I got $30 (in dollars) this month from book sales in November, because I’m self employed and married I can’t claim welfare and I can’t go back to work (which won’t help much as it’s for £45 a day, maximum 2 days a week due to energy levels) until my police check comes through which will take 4 weeks because my old one is 3 years old (which is one year too many) to work on. Since I had a £260 vet bill for Timmy’s investigations yesterday after the £90 I’ve paid out for him the past two weeks for antibiotics and consultations, as well as my usual expenses such as regular bills, I’ve maxed out my credit card, and my husband is being made redundant in June so I feel really bad but I literally cannot spare any money this time.

  3. For some reason it won’t take my card. I’ll try again later. It’s not much but it’s something. ❤

  4. Grrrrr! You shouldn’t have to do this! Its not your responsibility since you never consented in the first place. So unfair that they did this to you. 😦

  5. I never comment, but I love your blog. Not in an icky stalker way. You are funny and real. Please never stop writing.

    • Merci! Yeah, for the longest time I’d click or read a blog but never comment cos I have such social issues and panic over everything…I was shocked to find out when I started commenting, I made some really good friends. I mean, I am fairly sure they all want me to put the lotion in the basket or something….
      I really do appreciate your support on every level. I got giddy just having my writing complimented.

  6. […] you have half a heart, turn left here and read this blogger’s post.  And please help her if you are able to help.  I’m not sure what the minimum donation is, […]

  7. I have nominated you for an award. 🙂 You can find the details here: https://paws2smile.wordpress.com/2016/03/14/liebster-award-3-14-16/

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