Med Head

I need to have a brief rant. About psych meds. About the doctors and pharmacies and all this insurance company crap and refills.

I called my doctor’s office, asked for the nurse but she’s out today (MY nurse). Instead I was put on with the doctor. I explained the problem with my lithium level being almost non existent due to running out and the pharmacy not having the dosage in stock, so I was concerned going straight back to 1200 would cause toxicity. I further explained that he didn’t authorize refills so the pharmacy wouldn’t fill my other meds til his office got back to them. “Well, we leave at noon Fridays and don’t come back until MOnday.” The doctor explained.

That is fucking super duper, man!

He asked, “Do you mean you haven’t had any of your other medications in all this time, too?”

Let’s see…You give me a 30 day supply without a refill, it’s been thirty four days. I am no math genius but um…NO, I don’t have any left.  Cos if I did then it’d mean I am missing doses, duh.

He agreed that this complicates matters so he wants me back on lithium 300 twice a day for a month with one 7 day blood draw, then next month we increase to 1200 with a blood draw after five days.


Now I am bouncing between hypomania and utter depressive inertia and it will take me weeks to get back to normal. And that’s IF I don’t go through hell with the complete Cymbalta withdrawal process. I also have to endure trips to the hospital lab for blood draws which sets off my panic attacks. Then the insurance gets charged an arm and a spleen and if you cost them money, well they always find a way to make you suffer for it. (LIke ya know, how the plan suddenly doesn’t cover bunches of my meds even if they’re pretty cheap generics.)

This is all so frustrating and such bullshit. I have NEVER had this much trouble before with refills, ever. Not even with the “telepsychiatry” doctors on the tv screen.

So here’s a clue, mental health professionals. If you want us, the patients, to be compliant and put forth the effort to take our meds properly….

Make sure we have access to the damned things cos we can’t write the scripts ourselves and we can’t  rob the fucking pharmacy.

That is all.


7 Responses to “Med Head”

  1. I feel ya. My sisters doctor was such an ass, she repeatedly would hand her the wrong script or the right script missing some information that would cause the pharmacy not to fill it. My sister doesn’t have car, so she just has to keep calling and calling to try to get it resolved. One time she ended up in a full blown withdrawal from effexor and I had to take her to the hospital because her whole body was shaking so bad she couldn’t hold on to anything, she was too weak to walk and she had electric shocks in her head. It costs about $2500 for the hospital, who insisted they had to run a battery of tests to confirm it was just a medication withdrawal, which all could have been completely avoided if the doctor either wrote out the script correctly or called in a request to her pharmacy. Effin nightmare!!! And they wonder why people are leery about trying meds?!!! Really?!!!! Hope your’s gets back to right, sooner rather than later.

    • I told the doc I was hypomanic and agitated and still…4 pm and nothing from them at the pharmacy. Guess if it gets worse I will too end up at the outpatient/er getting insurance charged a spleen and pancreas. And for what? I didn’t make the pharmacy run out of my med and I didn’t make the doctor office take a three day weekend.

  2. What the friggin fuck? You have to start completely over. That’s just brilliant.

    • I think the worst was the doctor’s voice, sort of accusing when he said, “This does complicate matters.” Um…So it’s my fault the pharmacy ran out of a medication, it’s my fault his office closes early on Friday and doesn’t even have an emergency contact about this stuff? It felt like one of my dad’s “disappointed in you, taught you better” tones.
      Some morons claim those with mental health issues don’t take responsibility for our actions but seems to me, we’re the ONLY ones taking any responsibility here and its for the incompetence of the system.

  3. I feel your pain. I dropped off a prescription a few days ago and the pharmacy told me they couldn’t fill it because it doesn’t have a date on it and they were going to have to call my doctor. My doctor is 79 years old and does not check his voicemail very often, so they will find his voice mail is full. When they do reach him he will be stern and tell them he never had problems like this back in the day.

    In addition to his being difficult, why couldn’t the pharmacy just fill my prescription? I’ve been taking the same 6 meds for over 6 years now. They know me by my first name.

    Going through all this red tape is total bullshit, and people like us are the ones who pay for it.

    • My former doctors would give three or four refills even if I had a close appointment and meds changed. That way I never had this running short problem.
      Sometimes “progress” is just some power-that-be’s way of saying “red tape.”

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