Asshole Nation

YEP. I am gonna rant some more on how people suck because I have once again been slapped with evidence of it. Until flogged with goodness, I will continue to highlight the asshole factor because it sure as hell explains my attitude.

“The devil girls” came to play with my kid yesterday. They played outside, it was fine, but it was a really windy day and they wanted to come in…I said okay, as long as they stayed out of my way. (I was on basket #7 of folding laundry,ffs) Next I know their mom is at my door, telling them they have to come home because it’s too windy to play outside. Um…Then why did you let them play outside in the wind for ninety minutes only to come fetch them when they decided to come inside? But no, I don’t start shit, I try to make nice even while my kid is having her tearfest cos even at six she can see the idiocy of this woman’s argument.

It took me a half hour to get my kid to stop bawling and then I peeked outside…and I’ll be damned if those kids weren’t outside their own house, in the yard, in the wind, wearing tank top dresses, playing and screeching.


If you are gonna be an asshole and somehow say your kids are too good to play with mine you could at least come up with a plausible LIE. Or hey, here’s a novelty- the truth! “We don’t want our kids around someone who smokes.” Fair enough. “We heard you’re a lesbian satanist who eats unicorn meat and we’re religious vegans…” Cool. But such blatant lying? COCKWEASEL ASSTRASH LYING MOTHERFUCKERS.

Cos ya know, I had to bust my butt to make sure my kid didn’t look out the window and see those kids playing and have to explain to her what can’t be explained. ASSHOLES. It’s one thing to piss me off, I spend 80 percent of my life pissed off, it’s my fucking baseline. But when you pull shit that hurts my kid’s feelings….I WANT YOU TO CHOKE ON BARBWIRE GRENADES FILLED WITH ACID.

I think it’s safe for any of you to assume, I am low on meds with no cash so my levels are all fucked up and oh, yay, I am also hormonal. Evidenced by the fact I came home from taking my kid to school, didn’t bother to get some tea, smoke a cigarette, or even take meds. I fell face down into the blankets and slept for four hours. So noot me and yet sooo me right before pms hits. That and folding ten baskets of laundry yesterday probably tapped me out.

Ya think I am joking? I wish. But I pushed myself. Now I only have three more to fold. Cos when I go depressive and get behind on stuff, I fuck it up good. To my credit, I carried through on my plan to make meatloaf and it rocked. My kid wouldn’t touch it, of course. These days I am so far under the surface it’s setting these little goals and following through that have me staying afloat. If I can just do this much…LIke Saturday, when I showered. Major fucking victory.

Yeah, yeah, I am too negative, I should inhale the rainbow fumes. The day I can do that I will never take another pill in my life. Because I know this is a confluence of my fucked up chemicals, running low on meds, being hormonal, being so stressed and anxious…I get it. Life isn’t *that* bad. It just feels like it right now. And yes, I know, as a decent human being, I should be walking on sunshine for my friends who are doing well with their bipolar and their lives are coming up roses…I should dance jigs and like an egyptian and I promise maybe I will do that if I can ever get my shit sorted out upstairs…

Until then…

People are assholes and I am the human equivalent of Grumpy Cat.

Row, row, row your boat gently off a cliff….

5 Responses to “Asshole Nation”

  1. Damn, Morgue, all the more reasons to love you. See, I don’t believe what you say about yourself. You’re not a *real* bitch. Like me, when other people keep poking you with their poking sticks and then expect you to stay nice, it’s hard. WTF?! Ass holes. I have to wait until my kids are 18 before I can explain it to them in my native language. Until then I have to say, “some people aren’t nice but we are.” Because I’m not allowed to say that “lots of people are fucking idiot ass holes, and we do our best to avoid their shit because it stinks.”

    I didn’t know you were a lesbian satanist. How interesting. Tell me more. And, would you please pass some unicorn steak? Can mine be medium rarebow, please? What kind of wine goes with grilled unicorn? I bet we can use the horn as a corkscrew.

  2. Well, I am only a lesbian until the monthly howling at the moon orgy, then I have to be more open minded….

    I think a velvet dead wine goes nicely with unicorn meat. And that corkscrew idea is sheer brilliance.

  3. Wow…you and I have a few people to lock away in a house somewhere and see who eats who first.

    Lesbian satanist who eats unicorn meat? Do not ever let anyone tell you that you don’t have a way with words.

    Personally I’m impressed with all the laundry that you got done. That is an amazing accomplishment! AND you cooked? Rock on woman. Goal accomplished!

  4. La Sabrosona Says:

    I agree with Leslie. You sure got a way with words and I’d like some Rainbow fumes please. I will turn into a mega bitch if my kids are dissed like that. When it comes to my kids, it’s hard to hide the fangs.

  5. How I missed you on my little spirit walk into self destructive crazy… I’m a selfish prick whose idea of ‘love’ is too fucked to work my depressingly damning realisations
    You may be feeling shit, but you keep fucking life over so I like you, dare I say it but ‘I give a damn about you’…. I’ll let you recover from shock at that revelation
    You are now on that small list of folks who some off them might want off that list! Like I suspect the ex who has a category of my crazy all to her own, killed me three times and the women still curses me!
    Anyway, keep fucking life over, for all our sakes

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