Oh, Thank the Sacred Pegacorn I’m Not Really *that* whiny

Having reread some of this week’s posts…I cringed. Normally, I am not so trigger sensitive, especially with the emotional sound proofing called lithium. I was baffled wy so many tiny things were wounding me when half the time I am so oblivious I don’t even notice when being deliberately insulted.

This morning’s oompa loompa ovary pains and backache and pain induced inertia explains it all. Shark week has commenced. I’m not hypersensitive. I am hormonal! Yay! Which means in a few days I will be  back to my normal apathetic self. Which is good because my kid seems to devour any weakness in me. Once a month she gets under my skin good, she causes pain.

This, too, shall pass and then…muhahaha. She wants mean strict mommy, I shall introduce her to that version of me.

Seriously, this is a big relief to me. All the stress brought shark week on earlier than usual but that has become the norm, so while I was caught off guard slightly…Now that all the fussy whining “woe is me, my feelings are hurt” is explained and only temporary. To think this might be my new baseline horrified me.

I do want to toss out an apology for all my lithium griping. It’s just one of those necessary evils that has great benefit for me yet the pitfalls become such an overpowering part of daily existence, you want to scream and vent so it doesn’t build up. I can’t take the new atypicals as they don’t work and make me even sicker, so…lithium and I are gonna have to learn to get along better. I’ma talk to el shrinko when I see him next, maybe he has an idea or two. Ha ha ha.

I am gonna do fuck all today as I am in serious pain. In fact, I dragged the laptop to my bedroom crypt, farrrr away from the living room sunlight, after being in there all week in an effort to do that “light therapy” bit. Now I am gonna do “I feel like crap, let me have my darkened comfy crypt” therapy.

Hopefully, I will get caught up on everyone’s posts. I am reading and stuff, and without a spawn interrupting every five seconds, I may get to visit everyone at last and bestow upon the some of my sparkling wisdom. Okay, my sardonic caustic wit, whatever.



4 Responses to “Oh, Thank the Sacred Pegacorn I’m Not Really *that* whiny”

  1. You don’t whine, you’re fierce.

  2. Hope the Oompa Loompas fuck off soon so you can get something vaguely resembling peace!

  3. I don’t read any of your posts as whining. You’re just saying what you need to say, which means that you are BRAVE.

  4. I only heard the whinny, not the whiny. 🙂

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