The Bipolar Trend

So while brushing my kid’s hair this morning, an activity born of hell,I did my usual “hair ferret” jokes to distract her. And I mentioned one of them had fangs and spoke Swahili, which lead to a Google search to appease her…And when I got back from dropping her off, I decided, on a lark, to search “bipolar blogs wordpress”.  Do you know how many of the blogs I recognized? Two. And that was seven pages in. It has zilch to do with writing talent, quality of posts. If your blog has the word “bipolar” in the title or username…You’re in. Like, use the right wording and Google says you’re one of the cool people.

And suddenly…I wanna be manic depressive again. Fuck bipolar. It’s become too trendy. If you spend any time reading random blogs (an activity born of hell itself as everyone thinks they can write and are stellar at it) then you have to start wondering, and not at the writers themselves…But at the doctors who have arrived at the bipolar diagnosis for SO many people. Many of whom weren’t bipolar before having a baby or using drugs or whatever. Face it, folks. Bipolar is to this decade what depression and Prozac nation were to the 80’s.


It makes me sad to think that some people may not actually be bipolar yet the doctors hand it out like they do for hyper children with Ritalin and he ADHD label.

I’ve been on that flip side. 15 plus years diagnosed as dysthymic, fed nothing but anti depressants, and living six months manic, six months depressed. Only once given mood stabilizers did things change for the better.

So I don’t find it far fetched that doctors are handing out bipolar diagnoses even if they don’t apply. Really, what are any of us given as time for a doctor or therapist to do an “intake”?  We could all be perfectly normal and the unmedicated people could be the imbalanced one. Who knows?

I  just…I don’t ever want to belittle any of my brethren for bipolar is a bitch we all throw down with.

I am, however, skeptical that suddenly so many people are bipolar whereas ten years ago, they’d have been ADD or seasonal depressive.

And the douchebaggery simpleton manual isn’t done with us yet.

The new diagnosis sure to hit us all will be borderline personality disorder.

It’s offensive enough to be bipolar.

Now my bipolar is trendy?

Plain insulting.

Manic depressive I shall be. Least it was a legit diagnosis without being trendy.

****After the fact disclaimer*****

No disrespect was intended in this post toward those diagnosed bipolar following pregnancy. My only point is the sheer prevalence of bipolar diagnoses versus 20 years ago. My skepticism is toward the doctors/societal attitudes, NOT toward those diagnosed.




10 Responses to “The Bipolar Trend”

  1. I just did the same search. I’m glad mine doesn’t show anywhere.

  2. I hate the very word bipolar, I’m with you. I’m manic depressive.

  3. Mmm. Reminds me I have people wanting to be on the network and I don’t wanna read through any more blogs right now. ><

  4. High five to you. I agree with ya 200%! I prefer manic depressive myself. And dammit! Too much fuckin label slapping going on! I gotta think up a trend ~ Hmmm,,,,, I’ve Googled Bipolar blogs & others before too, ,,

  5. I’m gonna lobby for shut the FUCK UP ignorant ASSHOLES! Lol

  6. Wrote a class post about why Manic Depression was a way better name, if I can I’ll throw the link on here somewhere

    Unless you read it, then ignore my post midnight crazy

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