Rest In Peace, Lemmy

As a long time metalhead, I feel it must be posted that Lemmy, of metal staple band, Motorhead, has passed on at age 70. While I was never a fan girl, I liked their music and I liked how Lemmy made appearances mocking himself, ego be damned. Allow me to share one of my favorite scenes from the hair metal movie, Airheads.


Lemmy IS God. Rest in peace, my friend, your contribution to heavy metal will not be forgotten.

As for me…After a four day recovery period from my helliday dish time I dragged my ass out of my bedroom crypt long enough to wash an ass ton of dishes and start on an ass ton of laundry. (Poor people like us should NOT have this many clothes, ffs.) All the while thinking it was Wednesday cos the holiday fucked me all up so I missed trash pick up and both cans are overflowing with garbage as well as packaging from my kid’s Christmas lottery. I am sure waiting another week for the next pick up will result in a strongly worded letter from the landlord.

Whatever. I am taking the term “trailer trash” to new heights, fuck off.

So I am going to finish watching San Andreas, then I am gonna go to bed for I am getting cold, my head is starting to hurt, and it’s just really sad that Lemmy is gone.End of an era, people. Whether you like metal or not, Motorhead, and Lemmy, made a great contribution to the genre of rock music.

You may return to your insipid Taylor Swift music which cheers you up all the while giving me cavities in teeth I don’t have and causing my brain to impl0de because once upon a time, music was about talent, not image.

Forward are all hatemail to



15 Responses to “Rest In Peace, Lemmy”

  1. Hey hey hey Heyyyy!! That’s MY hate mail email address!! :/ not a Motor head nor Lemmy fan but def appreciate his contribution to metal/music.

  2. Best. Email. Ever. I can’t say I remember Motorhead but I have heard of Lemmy and his contributions to the music world. (I HATE the word “industry”. Makes it sound like a fucking factory) He will be missed. And sorry, not a Taylor swift fan, but I am a fan of Adele. 1) because that voice 2) she is a real person-like a NORMAL momma and partner when not in her “drag look” her words. Fuck the landlord. If he can’t fix your shit, then he can fucking take your trash and shove it up his slum lord ass. Smoochies

    • While not my cup of tea, I will give Adele props cos she does have a hell of a voice.
      Shame most of what I’ve read of her is all about her weight issues. FOCUS on the talent, idgets.

      • Right?! Good lawd she can sing! Who gives a fuck about her weight-and shes lost alot since she had her baby boy. But it’s cool for some skinny Minnie pop princess to show all her shit and can’t carry a tune without autotune.

  3. R.I.P Lemmy. Such a badass, that guy.

  4. T Swizzle for Prez!!!!

    • Is T Swizzle that new venereal disease I read about recently…

      • Umm…no? T Swizzle is how we learned, collectively, as a nation, as a people, to Shake it Off. Jesus, Morgue. Were you born in the eighties?

      • 1973, thank you very much.

        I tried to listen to “shake it off” cos some website writer swore NO ONE could listen to it and not feel cheered up and fall in love with Taylor Swift…

        I didn’t, don’t , cannot, won’t. And I mean, I like the Empire soundtrack, I still dig “Mmmbop”, I grew up on absolute mindless bubblegum pop.

        Much Bieber, T-swift just doesn’t move my furniture, though if my ears need to vomit, they are awesome audio ipecac.

        You can be trendy for both of us, I like being obscure and retro and having zero clue who any of the Grammy nominees are.

        You don’t judge me for “Mmmbop” I won’t judge you for V.D, er Taylor Swift.

        I am TRYING not to be judgey here, damn it.

        On Wed, Dec 30, 2015 at 8:50 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • Damn you Morgue. Was just listening all raptly to Lark Ascending per Zoe’s post and now outside smoking and boogie’ing to MMBOP. Love it!

      • It boggles my mind as to why but that is the ONE song that can get me out of a shit mood even if only for a few minutes. To this day I am unsure what an “mmnbop is”: but damn it’s infectious in a good way πŸ™‚

        On Wed, Dec 30, 2015 at 8:58 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • I am just loving it right now. Don’t get me wrong, was pretty deep into Lark Ascending. But I’ve heard that like a thousand times. Now I’m all MMM Bop until I fall asleep. Such lovely little kids.

      • Giving it to Zoe as a New Year’s gift from the both of us. Better back me up. Or I will stab that frozen head Not Very Gently πŸ™‚

      • As long as you have my frozen skull and the stabby object, I’ve got your back, man. πŸ˜‰

        On Wed, Dec 30, 2015 at 9:07 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


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