I hate everything today

It’s pouring down rain and dark as hell out at 8:15 a.m. I haven’t gotten dressed yet and I am expected to pack my kid up and be at Mrs. R’s in 45 minutes. But I had another hellish night of sleep and wake, and when the alarm went off, I hit snooze no fewer than ten times. Because I have mega uber cramps that go right through to my spine and it hurts and I just hate fucking everything.

Public Service Announcement: EVERY TIME YOU NUKE A BLOG, AN EWOK DIES.

Just saying. Not digging the email box full of posts leading to a nuked blog YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Not judging. Just fucking bitchy. And ewoks are cute.

I also have my awesome sinus drainage hacking going on, which mrs R will surely take to mean I have ebola. I’m stressed about how to keep Spook out of the way, she does not do “quiet alone time”. Period.

I wanna go back to sleep. I want to live in my damned pajama pants.

I want to know why everyone else is “depressed” yet a thousand times more functional than I am.

I want lithium so I feel nothing and don’t care if the person next to me is in flames and sets me on fire too.

I want to be an orphan and not deal with my icky family.

Yes, I am irrational and grumpy and in pain and I suck.

Tread carefully. Or the slaughter-o-matic will visit you for Christmas and hack up all your new toys.

I’d say shoot me and put me out of my misery but most of the tribe polar are forbidden to own guns.

Fuck it. Today’s pissed off anthem.



20 Responses to “I hate everything today”

  1. Tell Mrs. R you have ebola and stay in your pjs for the day. Can it possibly be worth the stress? Fuck it, text her if you have to. Raining, dark, shark week, family hell and how to keep Spook busy? Bottle of wine isn’t worth it…let her pay cash if she wants that badly.

    Those functional depressed people? Not med-resistant and not as depressed as you. fuck ’em

  2. rock the pajamas and tell everyone to fuck off or take your place. some days. fight hard and stay awesome.

  3. We’re going to have to build a bigger ewok mausoleum.

  4. I do love the numbing effect of lithium 1200mg/d (& lamictal 300mg) Yo Ho Ho – I want a bottle of rum (or JΓ€ger, or vodka, or whatever – FUCK IT!) I’LL SHARE! !!

    • 1200 has always made me go toxic, but 900 seems to be my magic number IF combined with 100mg Lamictal. I hope the doc will do it but every time I go in and he takes *that* “you’ve tried everything” tone…I get the feeling he thinks I am malingering.
      I fucking wish.

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