Happy Caturday- Sleep Disturbance Version

I crashed around 2 a.m. Woke about six times. Because I am trying to do the six to eight glasses of water a day to see if it is actually beneficial. Turns out…It just makes me pee every half hour. So it’s 5 a.m. and I am awake and not amused. Cos if I wasn’t battling the bladder, I had Chaos on me, literally gnawing on my face. I don’t mean viciously. But she is one of those cats that is apparently hooked on salty human skin flavor and a cat’s tongue is like a fucking Brillo pad…Not a pleasant way to waken. Especially when she’s nibbling me eyebrow and chin, purring at a thousand decibels, and relentless. I hid my face under the covers and she still burrowed under to get at my flesh, ffs.

And not to be ignored, Mr. Feetish insisted on laying as close to my face as possible so I couldn’t breathe. I flipped over away from him and he decided to lay on my head.

See, I’d close the bedroom door but oh, wait, I can’t. Because when whatever jackass broke in three years ago and stole the TV and my laptop busted the door that connects my bedroom to the bathroom so there’s just a curtain there and while not Mensa members…the cats have that figured out. There’s no escaping kid or cats here. Though Spook is on night three of sleeping in her own bed so apparently…miracles happen.

Without further ado…A pic to celebrate Caturday.

A nerdy guy with pocket purrtectors.

pocket purrtectors

Itty bitty kitt-ehs…Omg…My Kryptonite….Oh I wanna take them and hug them and name them George…

Oh, and a little context for that one. Going retro cos how I miss my Saturday morning cartoons (and cereal with toys inside!)



14 Responses to “Happy Caturday- Sleep Disturbance Version”

  1. It took a while, but my bladder did eventually adapt to all that water.

  2. It’s 6:45am and I haven’t slept yet. I realized I could throw red wine in my hot chocolate and did that — you would think it would have made me tipsy enough to fall asleep. Apparently either my tolerance has improved or I’m manic as fuck. YOLO.

    Sorry about your cats using you as a chew toy and furniture. I love cats but they have no sense of personal space whatsoever.

    The cats do not belong to you. It is you who belongs to the cats.

  3. The water/peeing all the time thing will resolve, although it’s still a good idea to get it all in before 5 or 6 so you don’t wake up at night to pee.

    I rescued an adorable orange (almost pink he was so pale) and named him George PRECISELY because of this cartoon clip. Love it!

  4. Staff members or ‘The help’?

  5. My Mom’s/sister’s one dog Luna’s a licker, that shit’s so abrasive it fucking hurts!

  6. Sorry for your troubles but I have to say you are hilarious!!

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