Just Lost A Few More Marbles

So joy joy, another night of sleep’n’wake increments. I woke at 7 a.m. which blows goats because I couldn’t have gotten another hour of obliviousness to reality. Even the spawn wasn’t up that early. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

She’s been hammering at my brain with her incessant chatter for two hours now and my nerves are already fried. How fried?

I was filling ice cube trays in the kitchen (did I mention R fixed the sink? I think I did…) Anyway, I started walking with them and she’s yapping and…I find myself down the hallway toward my bedroom holding a stack of water filled ice trays. Talk about face palm. Jebus, I can’t afford to lose many more marbles.

Spent an hour trying to retrieve my paypal password (yes, I am assimilating only because my mom is giving me money for X-mas and I am damn well getting my coffin purse and Wednesday back patch that only fleabay and their YOU MUST USE PAYPAL OR YOU ARE SCUM policy.) Sad to say, I still haven’t recovered my password and I less than zero desire to speak to anyone on the phone right now.

The spawn decided to play with the toothbrushes and she dropped MINE into the flipping toilet. I can’t even trust her to go pee without messing with everything. Please please don’t make me be one of those creepy enabler parents who follows their child to the toilet.

The morning meds have cyclone brain in prime form. Swirling thoughts but little makes sense and there’s little follow through. Very frustrating. The Focalin is not working anymore but I don’t dare ask for an increase lest I be labeled drug seeking. So round and round my brain goes like a hamster on a wheel, going nowhere but getting their fast. Happy Sunday.

I don’t want to do housework. I don’t want to do much of anything. My mind’s so busy I can’t even focus on watching a show.

And the kid is screaming at me like a banshee and calling me stupid because I told her to find her own dvd remote. Apparently I am the worst mom ever. Well, she loses that thing ten times a week and I am sick of it. Besides, had she not fucked the buttons up on the player she wouldn’t have to use a remote. Screw Kid Tough products. I need demon tough stuff for her.

And no, I am not declaring her an evil spawn of satan. She’s been my little demon since she was a newborn. I think it’s cute. And my favorite purse brand is Demonia, so it’s an ode of sorts.

What the actual fuck, some assfuck just tried to create a Twitter account using my email address. As if I would ever use fucking Twatter. I am more insulted than when someone hacked my debit card. Least that I use. But Twatter? Go tweet yourself with a barbwire dildo, identity thieving bastard.

Guess I’m off to change some passwords. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

I can tell the calm euphoria of the med reboot is fading fast. I am becoming irate and stressed all over again. It was bound to happen but damned if I didn’t pray to sacred pegacorn it would stick.

I should be so damned lucky.


4 Responses to “Just Lost A Few More Marbles”

  1. ‘tell her that if she wants to use toothbrushes in the toilet to clean it while she’s in there 🚽 😆. Hide yours in your bedroom

  2. Sleep n wake is the worst. Dammit about Evil Flubola 2016 not being miracle cure. I was ready for an injection! (Pretty sure we’re in 2016: birthdays and years never stick.)

  3. Screaming Jean Says:

    Oh boy, all I can say is hugs. On your behalf I am also extremely offended that someone tried to create a Twatter with your email – what is this fuckery? Who even uses Twitter? Mind blown.


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