I have found the BEST cure for mental illness!!!!

Mind you the cure is more distraction, very icky, and only temporary, but I swear it worked wonders for me…


There is no time for pondering one’s misery nor feeling anxiety over anything except not hurling on the wall, or passing out from sweating chills while hurling. It was the flu or food poisoning or something, but it kicked my ass yesterday. I was its bitch well into the wee hours this morning when the fever finally broke, allowing me to ride out the shivering sweats (my poor Vanilla blankie saw me at my worst!) and awake not praying for death. Face it, it doesn’t get much more distracting than  to wake at 3 a.m., choking on sinus drainage while fighting with the urge to throw up and shivering cold while yanking all your clothes off cos your skin feels like it’s boiling.

I’d forgotten what true physical illness was, I had such a good patch of awesome physical health. Having gotten my “flu” bout out of the way for another couple of years…I am just glad it’s over and I can hold down food and liquid and am not shivering under the blankie in the dark while warning my kid not to block the pathway to the toilet. Vomiting is not my favorite. I cannot believe people choose to vomit for whatever reasons. Ugh. No, no, no.

I am betting I was infected last week during the school activity. It’s always the smallest dish dwellers that bring me down, like cute fuzzy koalas and their razor “i will cut you bitch!” claws, I am betting being immersed in that building with all of them last week was my ground zero. Oddly my kid seems unaffected but it will undoubtedly come and be ten times worse for her cos she has that half assed Canadian immune system (“we can live happily in negative 500 degrees and play hockey with our moose, but don’t let us get  a cold germ or it will become ebola!). So if I got hit with all three and it rated a ten on the sucky scale, when my kid gets hit…It’s gonna be at a hundred and the only thing she won’t be spewing is pea soup but only cos she won’t eat it. (Seriously, who does want to eat that nasty shit?)

I would have handled it with more grace had it not happened in the wake of the sinus infection from hell. I feel soo much better today and yet still like a pokemon on steroids chose me and kicked my ass in the form of bruises and yanked muscles and a bubbly tummy. I’m still draining, my nose is still raw ( FOUR boxes of tissue in three days, I’m like a frigging faucet), but I am upright in a chair with a light on so I am on the mend.

Prior to the ebolafluplague of ’15, I am sure I had lots of discombobulated thoughts and anxieties to rant about. Ha, spewing literally stopped me from spewing metaphorically here. Anyway…No time to have panic attacks except for the timing of your spewage so…I think this will be the rare post I don’t unleash a torrent of “die in a fire” sentiments in. Lots more time for that with the Hellidays coming.

Seriously, though. If you are drowning in anxiety and depression and sheer fury at the shitness of life like I was…Get a few illnesses going on simultaneously. Once you stop wishing for death, all your mental problems will still be there and probably bitch slap you upside the head while you’re busy doing the “yay, I’m not puking anymore!” jig…But for 16 hours of distraction from your brain’s illnesses…Physical illness does the trick.

Let this be a lesson to me when I am my lowest thinking it can’t get worse. There is always the “Thank the pegacorn I am not throwing up today” argument and it’s a damned good one.



15 Responses to “I have found the BEST cure for mental illness!!!!”

  1. Wooo! Flu 1, MI 0. Id take those odds. Is rather varmit than have a running faucet for a nose. Lurve you

  2. Yes, preserve as long as possible, in a vat of formaldehyde, a visceral memory of the great Ebolaplagueflu of 2015!

  3. ^Wut she said! ^ LOL! Glad you’re feeling somewhat better!! ❤

    • I’d rather have blood pouring out of me than throw up, that’s just…my gross out limit. Yeah, yeah, who knew macabre morgue was squeamish when it comes to throwing up.

      • I hate being nauseated to the point that you are THIS far from puking (almost daily from brintellix in AM ~ 1 hr ish 😦 ). However, from mid 1991 – 94 I was bulimic/anorexic (almost fatal) yuck!

      • I get the nausea hour(s) with my Cymbalta, even when I eat. It’s annoying. That’s likely why I didn’t even realize I was sick with the flu Wednesday, I take my meds, I get about three hours of nausea afterward. Didn’t dawn on me til I was home and feverish and throwing up that it wasn’t just the meds. Stupid meds.

        On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 9:55 AM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • UGHH!! Tuesday it actually made me puke, not alot but even a little’s too too much!

      • It was constant and vile with the Lithium but I had escaped that with Lamictal/prozac/paxil, none of it made me sick like this Cymbalta does. I wonder how many days our professionals could stand of the side effects before they started asking, “How is there not a better option than this?”

        Seriously, good doc or not, these meds often come with as much ick as the stupid bipolar itself.

        On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 10:08 AM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • Exactly, lithium doesn’t bother me, it was only with the addition of SNRI. I may ask Dr B re Rx anti nausea med,,,

  4. Sorry to hear you were sick. Wondered where that post of pure love was. I eat pea soup. Hate peas, but love the soup. ❤

  5. YAY for the break…boo for the irl puking. That is never good….I, too, despise puking.

    I know that with all the meds we are already on, cold and allergy meds are pretty much impossible, but what about a neti pot for when things are really bad. Or at least a saline nose spray?

    • Sad thing is, I was using what the pharmacist said was safe and it still didn’t help much. Best therapy I can figure is melting down some Vapor Rub in boiling water, that menthol steam helps open things up. Now how to curb all the drainage, that’s another unsolved mystery.
      It can never just be a simple fix.
      Hope you are feeling a little less rattled and that your bruises are healing ❤

      • Thank you. Looks like I may have busted my wrist as well. 😦

        Unfortunately, what we are able to take is generally useless. It takes a coordinated effort of many different styles of attack to make any dent in a physical ailment. Pain in the ass complicated by shitty sleep. I’m sorry Lady

  6. I’ve had migraines on and off all week – seems to just be making me hurtle faster towards suicidalness. 😦

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