I have hit my limit on the dish of petri, of my kid’s babbling, of my own nerve endings cannibalizing themselves…At the risk of sounding dramatic and entitled…I am exhausted. By that I mean…the mental gauge is on E. I need a brain reboot involving solid sleep (I should be so lucky between spawn and scumbag brain).

So tonight I am gonna take veg-cation. It’s like a staycation only I am going to lay like broccoli under a posh warm blanket (BEST GIFT EVER) and watch a scary movie or something mindless. I wave the white flag.

***Not responsible for any heart attacks/fainting spells/jaws breaking when they hit the floor because omg, Morgueticia said something NICE. You’ve been warned.***

I love you all, Tribe. You’ve all brought so much support and empathy into my life that I frequently feel blessed to be a part of this wordpress family. You people rock the casbah.

Now exit the blanket fort, Morgue is going off line. Well, AFK, anyway. Off line no no no, must always be connected even if not using the computer/phone/etc.

Love, sporks, and bison leprechaun burgers for all. ❤


13 Responses to “Veg-cation”

  1. I want cheese, ketchup & onions on mine please! 😛 Enjoy the movie luv! ;-*

  2. La Sabrosona Says:

    I will never look at lucky charms the same ever again. Good thing I don’t actually eat them. So now it’s my turn to freak everyone out and make you go ewwwwww – HOW COULD YOU??!? In my early twenties I was in a long distance relationship briefly so when we did get together it was like mating season every single time and I’m sure you know that when things are disturbed down there, meaning too much sex all at once, the natural balance gets upset. My natural balance got upset and the itching and burning was so intense that I chopped up cucumber and stuck it in my thong. It really worked though. So there, natural temporary relief for yeast infection = cucumber.

    • You take a deep breath, it upsets the balance down there, geesh.
      Hmm, so many foods that help the ladytown issues- cranberry juice, now cucumbers, almost makes me want to keep fresh healthy food in the fridge just in case…
      My fridge would likely implode if I put anything in it that wasn’t bad for me.
      Bagged frozen peas and carrots work for groin pain after a man’s had a vasectomy. The donor was not amused after his procedure when I sent him a pic from the store of our 16 month old holding a bag of frozen veggies with the subject “for daddy.”
      Food, so versatile. Heal, cure, soothe, and taunt.

      • La Sabrosona Says:

        I’m so impressed! You handled my comment with such grace. Again, never would have associated frozen peas and carrots with vasectomy, but it totally makes sense. Oh, almost forgot, cabbage is great for sore boobs engorged with milk. My midwife taught me that one. You and I could almost co-write a book and of course it’d be called “Food, so versatile: Heal, Cure, Soothe & Taunt” 🙂

  3. La Sabrosona Says:

    Oh and that was very sweet of you to say that you love the tribe, because it’s nice to hear (read) stuff like that. Enjoy your your veg-cation 🙂

  4. I lurve my lucky charms! Sorry about the Golden Grahams. No onions for me please, but lots of cheese and bacon-and hellmans not mayo.

  5. Loves you too 😊😊😊

  6. I hope that you got what you needed! xo

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