So sorry, but I am NOT sorry

(This is meant in humor, so please remove all objects from ass when reading or you’re prolly gonna be offended and so sorry…I am not sorry. I suck that way.)

Good morning. Welcome to Fuckyouwithabarbwiredildo Airlines. Since our last project was frowned upon because it was chaotic (Nope, Tessa, I won’t be getting a new hobby, sorry I’m not sorry) I’ve decided to do some trollage. Because yes, I know the print was small and it was basically a clusterfuck…WELCOME TO MY MIND. If you couldn’t read a simple clusterfucked post about it…Try living with it and having people remind you how you can’t stay on topic and there are misspellings and typos and YOU PERSONALLY ARE TO BLAME FOR THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN SOME JUST DON’T GET IT. (Thanks to Sass and Andrew for understanding and *getting * the point of the whole thing. And I will try to get a version to Diane that is phone screen friendly.)

I present to you, my wonderful passengers…A sarcastic but still funny retort:

troll humorOnce again, we thank you for choosing our airline. However, if you are ill at ease with the seats having nails protruding, the food being served filled with botulism, and the pilot being drunk on and on magic mushrooms…

Try Kayak next time.

Have a lovely day 🙂



This post is meant to be funny. If it offends you, maybe the next time you critique you could be a little nicer about it. Or ya know…move along. Because Morgueticians have feelings too and I was just happy to do something creative, even if it was less than ideal. Have a sense of humor and some tolerance, please. Or skip that particular post. As Axl from The Middle would say…


I love you all from the bottom of my cold dead heart. Now LAUGH DAMN IT. Or you get the syphili-spork!


10 Responses to “So sorry, but I am NOT sorry”

  1. I would TOTALLY be butt hurt, but even zoommMIIINNNGGG in I couldn’t make out your post! Hahaha!! FUNNY!! ;-* I like it!

    • Well, in all fairness, I am so anti smart phone I forgot some of you have to use them and it all got lost in the translation. That I will own.
      But still…It felt nice being creative and I am told to get a new hobby…Maybe it makes me a wuss but I was a little butthurt.
      For future projects I will try to convert things where they’re viewable on phone screens. Just for you…

  2. I thought your last post was spot on, but, it doesn’t matter what I think. It only matters what you think. Ultimately, this is your space and you should fill it with what makes you happy, entertained, creative…whatever pleases you.

  3. I loved it. Seriously-they’d be badass greeting cards if it weren’t so true. Some-MOST-people don’t have a sense of humor, or sense of anything. Jerks

  4. Well good thing the Lion that Cried lives too far away I would have to come and drown you in my tears. Sorry I hurt your feelings. My roarer is broken. No roars emanating from this girl with very little sense of humor in this badass week I just had. ❤

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