Slam Dancing With My Brain

I am gonna change this post up, deviate from the normal endless rant form. I decided to use the comic dialogue bubbles and kept track of all my random neuroses today. I wanted to collage them all in chronological order but then…Meh. The panels will make it shorter to read (not by much) but it really is like this…Ping pong ball thoughts, conversations with myself, arguments with my brain, my brain putting me down…You will have to click each collage piece to see the print but…What the hell, I alienate people for sport, so….

Welcome to my reality.

thoughts pt 1thoughts pt 2thoughts pt 3thoughts pt 4thoughts pt 5thoughts 6


Apologies for not taking the time to make it all neat and presentable like a powerpoint, but meh, the mommy mommy mommy soundtrack killed the desire to do anything but get it done.

Now…Crypt time for me. So I can do it all over again tomorrow. Yay.

15 Responses to “Slam Dancing With My Brain”

  1. OK, I could read some of the ‘bubbles’ but not all because “I LIVE IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!” *OK, more like my phone screen is 4.7″ so even when I zoom in I can make out the words,,, I am special needs, you need to send to me in Diane-language. K? Please??? I loovvvee youuuuu!!!! ;-* MUAH!

  2. These would be hilarious if it weren’t so true. Maybe you can make these as greeting cards! There’s your income! BINGO! Problems solved. Fuckest everyone with a barbed wired dildo for coming up with the winning idea.

    Seriously-that’s a seriously deplorable broken record to have to listen to and deal with daily. My brain hurts for you reading them. But it’s cool you put them in chat bubbles. Love you, woman! šŸ™‚

  3. Can’t read these bubbles on my iPhone. Try again later on my laptop. Print is so TINY.

    • Just trying to keep you people on your toes.

      • K read them. Hilarious. Also awful, obviously. Morgue’s mind tornado of suffering. I do hate it when your mind ridicules you: maybe need to send Fergus to silence that deeply unhelpful voice:) You don’t need your own brain sounding like R! Also, you could still do the bubble format but instead just use different colored fonts in normal streams of text. No need to get all graphic novel avant guarde on us. Sheesh!

  4. I was not in the mood to read tiny bubbles that I had to enlarge. I did read everyone though. Find a new hobby please, please. Love ya ā¤

  5. I’m voting for the Morgue Greeting Cards. I like it!

  6. Screaming Jean Says:

    I fucking love this, pretty much how my mind works too, a tornado of shit spiralling from one thought to another, all the while I have wise crack comments from myself, to myself, about how much I suck.

    Seriously would give you a gold star for this, if it were school, you’ll have to settle for a virtual high five instead.

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