Boredom Creates Tee Hee

I am in my servitude with R…And BORED. My brain is tapioca from entering long strings of part numbers.He keeps hovering over my shoulder, which makes me nervous and stabby… HELLLLP.

Humor rushes to the rescue.

I present…

Count Sporkula

count sporkula


22 Responses to “Boredom Creates Tee Hee”

  1. How does R even talk with his balls stuffed in his mouth?

  2. Frankenspork, Bride of Frankenspork?? Haha!!

  3. Eeewww,,, a spitter LOL!

    • Seems like a conversation happened without my input here. Least my misery gives y’all comedic material! Unfortunately, I now cannot get the Kid Rock line from my head…”Shut up and put my balls in your mouth….”

  4. You need a laugh, I had a pleasant conversation with my ex, the one I can’t see anymore because of her new boyfriend
    Anyway, drama aside, I asked the question “how’s what’s his name?”
    Only after the conversation I realised just how it must have sounded! ‘What’s his name’!!!

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