Day Three: Quote Challenge

“Pull the wings off a fly….watch it suffer and die…And I’ll never get out of this life alive…drenched in blood, with no alibi…And the crowd goes wild at my demise…”

“My Demise”- Wednesday 13

Now, you may wonder why I chose this lyric. It seems morbid and ghoulish, if you don’t get the metaphors.

As a bipolar person, I feel like that fly…Bipolar is pulling off my wings, watching me suffer and die.

None of us get out of life alive- period.

Blood, no alibi- I feel guilty for being the way I am with no true explanation, which is…bipolar.

And the crowd, bipolar, cheers as my soul dies.

I guess it’s dark, and my interpretation is my own, but I find it meaningful and comforting. I think many mistake my “darkness” as some sort of pessimistic ghoulishness. Quite the opposite. I find metaphors I can relate to in the dark lyrics and it explains my feelings better than I can.

That and Wednesday is just my person. He is awesome. Whereas others may find it disturbing, dark, etc…I actually find his music humorous. Except for a couple of ballad-esque songs from the album Skeletons…Yep. He’s funny as hell. But much like me, I suppose he’s an acquired taste.

Depression robs me of so much. Finding little slivers of happiness this way is what keeps me going.


2 Responses to “Day Three: Quote Challenge”

  1. I like this, definately relatabl! (although I hate flies, is that my self-loathing, low self esteem?!) 😉

  2. This one was a lot darker than the others but I really liked it. If I manage to stay in my house instead of getting evicted by noise, I’m finally going to look up Wednesday 13 on Youtube because I keep hearing him mentioned in the same breath as Slipknot and I love them (their version of Suffering is my fave).

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