Day Two: Three Quotes, Three Days Challenge

“Tough times don’t last…tough people do.”

I dedicate that one to all of us living with bipolar. While the mindless masses may view us as lesser or weak due to our impairments…We are tough. We are survivors.


And I failed to nominate anyone, thus breaking the challenge’s rules, but um…Yeah…I invite anyone who cares to do so to take this challenge.


6 Responses to “Day Two: Three Quotes, Three Days Challenge”

  1. Ja we are fucking tough and fuck anyone who ever says otherwise.

  2. Only the tough could push their way through this bullshit pile.

  3. We.gotta, we really don’t have a choice. I tried the alternative & it didnt work. Still here fuckers! I give up sometimes but it’s mostly temporary (not aiming for permanent dirt nap anymore). My kiddos && ALL you/us Femmes play a ginormous part with tha! ❤ £0V€ ya Sissy! ❤

  4. That one is tattoo-worthy. One of the most amazing thing about being online is seeing how many tough cookies there are weathering bipolar’s best attempts to wreck everything. I don’t count myself as very strong but I guess I’m still here. We all are. Maybe that’s bigger than it seems from the inside.

  5. Outstanding quote, Morgue. One we should all remember.

  6. Very good quote. So true. So thankful for all of you. No quotes from me. I did it twice. That was twice too many times LOL!

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