Let Me Be Random…Or More Random Than Usual

I don’t have anything to say and yet that hypomanic jolt from the morning meds is screaming WRITE SOMETHING, ANYTHING, WRITE WRITE WRITE!

Thus far this morning I have gotten my kid ready, put on pants, taken her to school and muttered c*nt at another motorist. Rude of me? Yeah, well, they started it by pulling out in front of me. Now I am sitting at home staring at the wreckage of three days of not doing anything around the place and wishing I had a helper monkey. I don’t want to do any of it. I feel drained. The anxiety yesterday in the dish really kicked my ass. Plus, my mom and them are homeless basically and I have to feel shitty for even pondering my own misery cos they have it worse.

Perhaps misery is the wrong word. Things are shitty, but oddly, now that the horrormonal surge is over…I am feeling more stable. Not happy or energetic by a long shot, just less…unstable. I am still overwhelmed, anxiety riddled and fairly sure life is a pointless exercise. Of course, a week’s worth of dead cats has shaken what little faith I had. Innocent animals dying, ugh, take some worthless people instead. Yes, I am terrible and am ok with it.

I went to a med cocktail party this morning here . Stop by and tell your story, let’s network and maybe make some new blog friends.

This last week has really put a damper on my pre Halloween joy. The Donor walked out on us in October four years ago and yet when that rolls around, I barely remember it. Dead kittes…That’s too much to handle. It seems wrong to feel an iota of joy what with Abby and Arsenic’s passing, now all my sister’s kitties. (Well, not all, she has several left cos they had like 20 cats, and I’m called a hoarder!) It’s all just suckage.

I got more paperwork for child support I have to feel out. It’s sitting in the letter tray mocking me cos they want legal copies of this and that and oh, hey, fuckheads, that costs MONEY. I’m supposed to spend money I don’t have to get money out of an irresponsible man child who should be forced by law to do the right thing, I shouldn’t have to after his ass. It amazes me what some people can get away with and yet others are nabbed from the get go. Part of my anger issues is unfair play on the playground.

I thought dropping my phone in the toilet was bad. My stepmonster put my brother’s through an entire wash cycle cos he left it in his pants pocket…Ha ha, I’m not the biggest fuck up out there. She thought it could be saved but alas…It is a goner.

I’ve barely used that stupid smartphone R got me. It’s fucking confusing and a pain in the ass. Now as a way to get on the net, listen to music, watch youtube, et al- it’s great. But as a phone/text msg device- it’s shit.When my phone rings, I want to hit a button and answer it, not go through six security precautions. Jebus.

Um..Yeah, I got nothing else. Maybe some humor?

douchemart tbex meds


4 Responses to “Let Me Be Random…Or More Random Than Usual”

  1. I have med marrrrrracas!!! I just rolled out of bed for the second time today, only because I had to pee. If not, I’d still be wrapped up in 2 blankets of warmth blocking out the world. Yeah, I’m right there with you sissy. I’m the worthless person who has to live with her parents because my cheating ass lying douchebag husband kicked us out. Another man child. Ugh, I need meds. Back in a bit..

  2. Bleck! ‘Loser’ 3 Doors Down,,, y’all know my story, no need to reiterate it ~ boring & someone might call the waaambulance on me. Ive been too Meh/blah, disinterested in life to put up a post lately, smart assed comments, I can do that. No major bullfuck fucking shit storm typhooned my ass like you, really sorry & hugs Morgue! I just lost drive, nothing. Fucking whatever you are, get off my chest. I’m suffocating, can’t breathe. Seriously, why am I here, WTF, who’s sick ass joke was this???

  3. Humor works. Or at least it doesn’t hurt.

  4. I do love the coupon. I may print that out! lolol

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