Because Anxiety and Bipolar Suck, Life Is Harsh, and Smiles…are rare

I just can’t be arsed to work up some whine and cheese tonight. I’m running on empty and while the mood didn’t crash until late afternoon, the anxiety had a six course meal out of me. Others may have it worse, but they can at least look forward to a solution and a return to normal.

No such luxury with mental issues, just an endless struggle.

So…Just because so little makes me smile anymore, I found this goofy thing on youtube and captured a screen shot…Because ya know, I need more hybrids…I present the start of hamponies.


That is all. Please return to making love to your smart phone or banging your head against a wall because you broke your smart phone.

Hamponies…coming to a mythical pet store near you.


Wake me when September ends, this month is sucking so much…



20 Responses to “Because Anxiety and Bipolar Suck, Life Is Harsh, and Smiles…are rare”

  1. Love hamponies! .

  2. Camelaffes, Pegacorns, iSporkacorns, hamponies, Guineacats…boy you’re gonna be too busy this winter to be depressed ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love you lady!

  3. “It’s a zoo out there,,,” & NOW (hybrids & biracial animals),,, it’s a Zoo IN HERE!! LOL! Hahaha,,,, ;-*

  4. Dude ~ YES!! we’re RICH!!

  5. Maybe they should have a Christmas movie: National Hamponies Vacation (although let’s leave Chevy Chase out of this one).

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