Gofundme:Fire Damage Update

Fund page updated.

Some pictures of my nephew’s room where the fire originated. His stuff is a total loss, as is much of his parents’ stuff which was in the room next door. They shared a heat vent so the smoke damage hit them hard even though the fire didn’t, then came the fire hoses.

corys room 2 IMG_5760 corys room 3 corys room 4 cory's room 1 cory's room 5

The biggest salvation was him not being home when this happened.

It apparently started because he overloaded a power strip and left his air conditioner running while he was gone. No one thought to turn it off, figuring the breaker would blow if overloaded. Failing that, the smoke alarms should have warned them. They didn’t go off, period,until after the door had been opened and flames leaped up.

I gripe a lot about my family, I know, and they can be really shitty. But I had a home burn once and they helped me out. I am returning the favor trying to help them. They will have nowhere to go in three days so please keep passing this along, I will notify of every update.


And say a prayer for the seven lost kitties and 2 lost ferrets who did not survive. May they rest peacefully in heaven.

11 Responses to “Gofundme:Fire Damage Update”

  1. Holy FUCK when bad shit happens, it seems like it keeps happening. Sorry to hear this. I’m praying for a drastic turn around and a little comfort and peace.

  2. Oy vey. Saying prayers for the animals and your family.

  3. Dammed the shit storm turned into a typhoon!! I’m sooo sorry! Thank God nobody was hurt but I’m very sorry for the loss of the furbabies (a loss of life is a loss of life),,, ;'( prayers & hugs all the way around. Reblogging & sharing on FB. Love you Sissy ❤

  4. it’s a common misconception that a breaker will trip when overloaded…not always…this is an example where the breaker WAS NOT overloaded but a device plugged in(the power strip) was overloaded…in this case the breaker would have to be shorted out…thus the fire because the circuit probably never shorted out until water hit it…unless the FD pulled the meter…which most departments do that 1st…so for the lost…had a damn drunk burn down the place i lived…

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    More pictures of the fire and a total animal loss of 7 kitties and 2 ferrets. Please help and/or pass along.

  7. Talk to a lawyer. Going after a big company like a smoke detector manufacturer might induce them to take the case on commission.

  8. I’ve added a link to your fundraiser to my most recent article on “How To Get Up From An All Time Low?”
    I agree that the fire alarm company should be sued. Or the landlord. In the UK it’s the landlord’s responsibility to make sure that houses comply with fire safety laws, including testing all electricals and gas supply once a year. I don’t know whether you guys have anything similar.

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