Fundraising Again-For Family Whose House Caught Fire


Oh, yes, it is I, she who really does not have anything good to say because…life.

Around three a.m. this morning, my mom’s house caught fire.The fire started upstairs in my nephew’s room (he fortunately wasn’t there.) Everyone but her husband was asleep and he smelled smoke. Mind you, no smoke detectors had sounded. They checked and my nephew’s room was ablaze. Thus started a panic to get all people and pets out.

My sister lost SEVEN of her beloved cats to smoke inhalation and has two others fighting for their lives for the same reason. One of those cats she’d had for fifteen years. I found her on the lawn with a trash bag full of her dead cats she’d gone inside to get and she was sobbing.

Some pets got out in tact, and the people are okay. But due to the fire, then the efforts to put it out by the fire department, plus the smoke damage…The place has been declared unsafe and will be boarded up. They have three days to get what they can salvage and get out. Meanwhile, Red Cross is putting them up in a hotel for three days. After that…They have nowhere to go.

They rented the house. They had no renter’s insurance. Everything upstairs is a loss. The downstairs stuff can probably be saved sans the smoke damage and whatever water damage. Which means my mom and her roommate, who rooms were downstairs, should be okay on clothes and such. My sister, her husband, and my nephew have lost everything.

Amidst all that…I can’t shake the image of my brother in law and my sister bawling over their seven cats. Things can be replaced. Your animals cannot.

I am doing this fundraiser because they truly have nowhere to go. If you can even find a house in town that allows pets, you need close to fifteen hundred dollars for first month and deposit. Then comes the expense of moving, turning on utilities. There is very little assistance available locally.

Please please, donate if you can, and EVERYONE POST THIS ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. Because I have an empty bedroom and if I don’t find them funds and a place to live soon, they’re all gonna end up staying with me. Much as I love them…Not good for my mental health, not to mention it would violate my lease. But ya know, you can’t throw family in the street…


(All information is factual and can be confirmed through the Jacksonville, IL fire and police departments.)


14 Responses to “Fundraising Again-For Family Whose House Caught Fire”

  1. REBLOGGED for you (as much as they are a pain, they are family an your sister and brother in law and their kitties, my heart goes out to them. Love you VF Sissy

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    I need your help again. Same friend, but her families home caught on fire and is a total loss. No human loss, but 7 kitties died and 2 are struggling for their lives. I ask again, please help if you can.

  4. Reblogged and put on twitter and facebook.

  5. I also donated again since I just got this month’s check and posted everywhere I could.

    • Thank you so much. Mom and sis said to tell you thanks, too. I will catch up with your posts soon. You know what it’s like once you get behind, plus all the stuff that’s been happening…

      We are very grateful for your kindness and spreading the word. Free camelraffe rides and pegacorn ring toss for you for life! ❤

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    the red cross will help them get set-up in a new place…my condolences go out to these folks

  7. I have posted this on Twitter. After my latest hypomanic spree, my husband has taken both of my bank cards to work with him so I will have to speak to him before giving any money but that will be in a couple of hours. As far as bad luck goes… the song Wake Me Up When September Ends reminds me of you atm. Hope your family is okay, fires are tragic and it’s such a good job nobody was hurt but absolutely awful about the poor cats.


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