Rest In Loving Peace, Abby-cat

RIPfund page update:


I am devastated to say that I was notified at8 a.m. today that Abby passed away during the night. On top of losing Arsenic last night. I am absolutely shattered to lose two of my best friends in 12 hours.

Through the kind help of those who participated in the gofundme for Abby, I was able to settle all my debts with my friend, the vet clinic, and I spent the remaining $84 on Frontline Flea Treatment for the other four cats inside.

It is mind boggling to think this all started because of this summer’s flea epidemic. Last week, I thought, “Well, I’ll have money on the third, I’ll get the flea stuff then.”

Except in a space of two days, Abby got sick, developed an abscess from a flea bite, and was left to suffer waiting for treatment. Tuesday my sister stopped in and was playing with Arsenic, who was healthy and feisty. Overnight, he just wasted away.

BECAUSE OF FLEAS. Because I am not wealthy. Because people think you are an irresponsible pet owner if you can’t pull hundreds out of your wallet on command.

I can’t apologize for my heart being bigger than my bank account. My animals are loved to the nth. Coming from a fairly broke family who still used financial tidbits to show love rather than ever give a hug or an I love you…I always thought showing love was far more important, be it to humans or animals. Maybe I am wrong.

Sincerest gratitude to all who are so amazingly kind and generous of their time, donations, and prayers. Sometimes, prayer and money just aren’t enough.

I didn’t think I could feel worse than I did last night after being berated by my dad for not working and raising my kid in “poverty” while Arsenic was withering away and Abby was on my mind.

I was very wrong. Losing someone you love is far worse than being verbally assaulted and judged by some asshole you happen to share a bloodline with.

Now I have to go borrow a shovel from my sister to bury my babies, as well as her vacuum to treat the house for fleas since ha ha, I broke yet another one.

I am such a hot mess and yet I have so many great friends here on wordpress. Thank you for accepting me as is.

Anyone who contributed who wants a copy of the vet expenses, just let me know. Every cent was spent trying to keep Abby alive and treating the other cats so it doesn’t happen to them.

May my sweet sweet kitties frolic in kitty heaven with lots of string and Fancy Feast.




12 Responses to “Rest In Loving Peace, Abby-cat”

  1. You ARE loved despite how people have treated you discriminating because of finances. I’ve encountered many very nice people in my poverty who have helped some. It just seems like it’s never enough for the people who write the bills we’re supposed to just pay. I’m very sorry for your losses. I can joke all I want about some things sometimes, but when it happens in real life I will do my level best to love and support people. I only wish I could have given more than prayers, I’m sorry.

  2. I’m so sorry! For the loss of Abby & Arsenic, I know you loved your sweet lil’ babies in furry coats so much! I’m here for ya Sissy! ❤ I'm so happy to call you my friend. You are rich in spirit & in your heart, that's where true worth is born,,, hugs & prayers, love ya!

  3. Oh I’m devastated to hear this. My heart goes out to you for the loss of your beloved babies. Showing love is always preferable to showing money in my opinion and you showed these sweet kitties all the love you had to give. You did everything you could and these sweeties will be waiting for you on the Rainbow Bridge. Sending prayers for love and strength and peace.

  4. It’s shameful that you are judged by those who have no clue about your situation. WE know you love you fur babies more than any amount of money in this world. You have such wonderful WP family here. I’m so so so sorry you lost two of the sweetest lil fluff buttons that warmed you so much. You are a good mom and a good pet owner-don’t ever think you aren’t because some asshole says other wise. I wish you would have whopped that vet with your purse. Your VF sissies love you and Spook more than you’ll ever know. Rest Peacefully Absinthe the Abby-Sin kitten and Arsenic the Lover <\3

  5. I’m so so so sorry. I hate this. I’m so livid and heartbroken for you. I want to burn all those bitches.

  6. Shit, I am so sorry to hear this. And no, you don’t deserve to be shat on by mister high-and-mighty vet. Fucking classist prick.

  7. I am so sorry for the devastating loss of both kitties. At least one was preventable except the vet had to play God. You’re my friend Morgue and I love you. ❤

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about them. I really thought Abby would come through. Much love for you and the two sweet little babies. I’ll hug mine extra tight for them.

  9. Honestly? Even if you didn’t spend the money on the vet (which I absolutely believe you did), I wouldn’t regret donating because you’re such a good person. And it’s insane that something like money prevented you from getting care for your animals. Something is very wrong with this world. Thinking of you xx

  10. We all just do the best we can. I have a job and we’re just barely making it.

  11. I’m so sorry for your loss, I was really cheering Abby on. It’s always devastating when you lose someone, be it human or animal. But they will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. Lots of love xoxox

  12. Oh no! How devastating especially when they were one after the other! I hope you are less not-okay by now (I’m commenting as I read ’em), and that your other 4 cats are de-flea’d now. For my 5 free-roaming bunnies (was 6), I rely on cheap ass dog flea shampoo which I bathe them in a few times a year, that seems to keep ’em de-flea’d and doesn’t seem to have any adverse effects (I use it on myself and my husband as well especially when I worked as a teacher). I get it for about £2 from Home Bargains, I don’t know if there’s anything similar in America. It’s really good for preventing infestation. I also get that aerosol flea spray for about £7 and spray all the sofas, beds, chairs, and the main walkway areas of the carpets, closing off one room at a time, because (as far as I know) fleas can’t live without a host for more than 48 hours (fly spray works on carpets too, bizzarrely, but it’s not as effective). With rabbits I have to also use special spray to prevent fly strike (which is what usually causes maggots). I refuse to be held to ransom for Frontline though, they can f off at £30 a pack, especially knowing how they test it, it’s disgraceful. I 100% agree with you, people should NOT have to be rich to love animals.

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