To Hell In A Handbasket…update on Abby cat and the rest

The day was going swimmingly…Until I noticed a distinct change in Abby’s behavior. Upon inspection, I discovered maggots under her skin from where the infection had spread. I maintain, whether right or wrong, had they prescribed an anti biotic days ago when I called, she wouldn’t have gotten that bad. I could have scrambled for enough to buy that. But throw in the required visit fee, meds, shots, flea treatment, bringing a bare minimum visit to two hundred plus…What was I supposed to do? Hell, I can’t even get a car title loan because my car blew up, I am driving my mom’s. And not even calling around vet’s offices bawling my eyes out with a kid bawling in the background got a single one to say, “If you can bring in (Fifty or so dollars) we will try to help save Abby and you can make payments.” NOT ONE even in the fucking boondock sticks of bumfuck. NOT ONE DAMNED VET WOULD HELP WITHOUT GETTING THEIR PAYDAY UP FRONT.

So by the time I raised the money to get her in but learned it would take up to 7 days to be deposited to my bank…I knew Abby wouldn’t make it any longer without immediate help. I fell on my sword and begged R to let me use his credit card, proving that I had raised almost $300 (the fundme/wepay thing takes out their fees from the total, which is fair enough) and the vet’s office required him to be present with his credit card and ID, which meant he had to drop the work he was doing to make their cut off time for “emergency after hours” care. But the man who drives me so bonkers with his narcissism was right there to meet us at the clinic, card extended. I don’t even have words, mainly because I’ve been bawling on and off for hours and it’s hard to speak when choking on sinus drainage and tears…

The doctor examined her, clucking his tongue and casting glares at me the whole time, as if I got some sick thrill out of letting things get so bad for Abby. Never mind I called days ago, I called doctor after doctor, begging and pleading and all but offering up my soul and firstborn for them to at least give Abby meds..No, because I am broke I am scum. Same shit, different day. He told me she may not make it, she is very bad off, they will have to shave most of her fur away, go nuclear with the antibotics…He wanted me to say put her down. I did not. She’s fought this long, made it this far, in spite of their money grubbing “I want to help IF you can pay me up front” bullshit. I guess I am old as tree bark cos I remember a time when a vet would see an animal in exchange for a five dollar bill simply because they loved animals…It’s sickening.

They kept her and put a two hundred dollar hold on R’s credit card for the emergent care, exam, and shaving/cleaning/antibiotic. Fully explaining it would be close to $500  IF the damage wasn’t so severe she required an amputation. But whether she makes it or not, they want their money. So if you’re gonna charge me anyway and all these amazing people have reached out to help Abby…Let’s roll the dice. I’d rather say we tried than admit defeat and still be charged an arm, leg, and soul. I get being paid for your time and your skill and work…But making a cat get this sick because the owner is so poor is callous as it gets. Like human doctors who shrug when your insurance runs out. Idgets. Except the law doesn’t require vets to provide a minimum of care to at least get a patient out the door alive.

Suffice it to say, it’s been a pride swallowing choking night. Showing myself, 42 years old and bawling like a snotty nose tear streaked infant to R, the vet, the staff- I know I looked ridiculous but I didn’t give a fuck. This shit hurts. Abby is family. And ya know, if vet care were made more affordable, it wouldn’t have to be this way. I’ve never left an outstanding bill with any vet I’ve taken my pets too over the last 26 years, one would think it would earn me a certain amount of credit. But nooo, Abby has to be knocking on heaven’s door and I have to grove before a friend with a lot of his own financial stresses…Oddly, a few days ago before I started the gofund me thing, he wouldn’t even consider eighty bucks for the visit and meds. Seeing I had the money coming to repay changed everything. I guess that’s how we as people are. Just heart breaking Absinthe was the one to suffer. She’s soo very sweet and such a tough lil girl.

(Yes, I am aware I am rambling about my cat, leave if it bugs you.)

The coupe de grace was when we stopped at the gas station on the way home. Some woman was standing in front of the door yapping and I opened it, said excuse me, and she practically yells, “Fucking bitch get out of my way!” Mind you my tears are barely dried and I have my kid right there with me. Unfortunately, once she left, the cashier told me I hadn’t done a damned thing wrong, that lady was just a jerk for while in there, she had cursed the cashier the same way, as well as a woman using a walker. And I just said, “What is wrong with the people in this town? I’ve been to Los Angeles, San Diego, Baltimore- no one’s ever been as nasty as the people here are.” And the ladies there agreed with me. It was just so…unnecessary. Proof I am not making this shit up, it’s not some affectation due my low self esteem. People here truly are reprehensible.

It’s bittersweet, after seeing how many amazing people are out there, contributing when they can, passing on the word, trying whatever they are able to in order to help Abby…Yet they haven’t even met us. Yet here I’ve lived twenty plus years and a simple outing to the store results in being treated so rudely. I just don’t get it but it surely shows where my misanthropy was born. There’s just never any excuse for anyone to act that way without provocation.

When we got home, Spook started acting like an ass, purposely defying me. Stepmonster and my sister both called while I was gone. R texted to let me know my new safelink phone he ordered for me had come in…I was just so defeated by it all, I was no longer chomping at the bit to go fetch it.

The day had promise.

And then I find myself asking, “Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket and why does my innocent sweet kitten get punished and me vilified for being broke when I try hard as I can?”

I just don’t get it. Much like not being able to eat tonight, I doubt I will be able to get any sleep either. Abby is on my mind and all I can do is pray she is comfortable there and not too scared and lonely but not so sick she is oblivious.

Thanks to all who have helped in whatever way.

Now I am gonna go cry some more. Because if anything in life is worthy of tears it is this sweet kitty and the occasionally sweet little girl who loves her like I do.

My beautiful picture

Spook and Abby, 3 p.m. 9/1/15



7 Responses to “To Hell In A Handbasket…update on Abby cat and the rest”

  1. IV drip, camelaffes, guineacats, pegacorns, black studded fairy wings, and a pot of fucking gold because I cheated the damned leprechaun bastard.
    Love the pic of Spook and Abby. They are both adorable. Love you guys {Hugs}

    • Thank you, Babe. Appreciate all of you reblogging and using social media. Even if it takes 400 people giving a dollar…you guys putting it out there gives Abby a chance. That’s all we’re asking for, she deserves it. That bitchbeast at the gas station should choke on a barbwire dildo. Seriously, do I have to give good will to evil fucks? It ain’t happening even if it is the “mature’ thing to do. I’ll grow up when um…pegacorns and guineacats fly outta my armpit.

      On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 10:54 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • I’m surprised you didn’t flip out on the bitch. Coulda taken it out on her and not felt bad. Just saying 😉
        And you’re welcome. You know you have awesome blog friends here that love you and Spook and that know how much heartache you guys have been through. We know how much you love your kittehs and that you are not neglectful. You’re a good mom and cat lover. And R got some brownie points with me tonight. Love you guys

  2. I posted on twitter and facebook and I’m getting ready to reblog. I have a 4 pack of advantage II flea treatment for small cats (5-9 pounds). For whatever, reason, no one here has fleas even though they haven’t been treated. Just send me your address to my email and I’ll get them out to you. Just make sure you do it today, because I have foot surgery tomorrow and will be laid up for a while. But, this way you won’t have to pay outrageous vet fees to get the fleas treated.

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Unfortunately things have changed and Abby-Sin (Absinthe) has taken a turn for the worse. This sweet girl is emotional support for a friend and the vet is telling her it will be about $700 to get everything done. Please, please please if you can, consider giving a couple bucks to help Absinthe. A receipt for vet services will be provided once the vet treats her.
    Please, even if you can’t give, pass this around. I would really appreciate it.

  4. The only other thing that I can think of is to check with your local SPCA. Sometimes you can get vet services from them at a highly reduced rate.

  5. Love & hugs to ya. ❤ ya much!

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