GoFundMe: Help Me Save my Kitty’s Life

My beautiful picture

This is Absinthe, AKA, Abby-Sin, before she got so sick.

My beautiful picture

This is Abby,after draining the abscess. She couldn’t swallow or eat for three days so she wasted away even though I was feeding her by eye dropper.

Per suggestion by a follower, I started a campaign to help fund a vet visit for Absinthe, after multiple calls to vets within a 50 mile radius all resulted in the ver batim response: “It will be close to three hundred dollars because we have to examine, treat for fleas, give her all the normal shots, as well as the antibiotic.” I tried to explain my financial predicament as a single disabled mother and inquired about charities, but alas there are none in this rural area. I even  pondered turning her over to the non kill shelter so she could be treated even if it meant placement elsewhere…They told me they are full of kitties and I should call the pound, which euthanizes any pet not adopted in a week.

I can’t do it, I cannot abandon Abby. She is such a sweet natured, loving kitty, she deserves every effort I can make to save her life. Anyone who donates, even fifty cents, will receive a copy of the bill of what is spent to make her healthy as well as a picture of her when she is recovered. You will also receive the coveted Spork Of Gratitude.



For those who you use social media and know animal lovers, put that link out there. For Absinthe, not for me. This is about her. She has fought so hard to survive when even I had lost faith…HELP OUR KITTY, PLEASE.

And since this gofundme thing is new to me, excuse any mistakes I have made. I just want to help Abby, she has been my pillow companion at bedtime for months and she deserves better than my broke ass can give her. Forget me…Think of that gorgeous calico kitty.


29 Responses to “GoFundMe: Help Me Save my Kitty’s Life”

  1. Reply to this comment about lunchtime tomorrow so I don’t have to dig up this post again on WordPress, might see if I can donate
    Cats are merciless little creatures who lie, cheat and manipulate, but never lie about it!
    Deserves a good deal

    • Methinks it must be a little after lunchtime where you are but I wasn’t getting up at 5 am to catch the exact hour. Far too lazy 😉
      And you have pegged why I love cats- they’re jerks and proud of it so no need to lie. I respect those who accept themselves for who they are.

      • Our family cats, moved on since, were called all kind of things as I was woken or disturbed at awkward hours… But they always curled up next to me and sapped my body warmth when it was cold!
        Loved those blasted little annoying Madame’s and they knew it!!

  2. I just donated $25.00 to help.

    • Thank you so very much on behalf of Abby as well as her family, aka Morgue and Spook. We love her so and we have tried to hard…Your kindness means so much toward keeping Abby alive. ❤

      • I also reblogged it and tweeted it and put it on Facebook. I have a lot of animal lovers on facebook just maybe they will help and you are welcome. I love animals too. Dog and cat here.

      • Appreciate it all. Abby’s doing better today but from how thin she is and infected her wound still is, she has GOT to get that antibiotic and the vet won’t even see her til I have the entire amount up front. So any help you and your friends can give her is met with heartfelt sporks of gratitude. And since I don’t do social networking, just putting it out there is a wonderful help, thank you. ❤

        On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 12:36 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • You are welcome and I will do what I can for all of you.

  3. Reblogged this on Billy in Blunderland and commented:
    My husband will likely kill me, spending money HE earns to help a CAT (creatures he detests). But this isn’t about a cat, however much this kitty, this survivor, certainly deserves her chance. This is about her owner, and the struggles she faces and overcomes every day in a place where there is no support, against all the odds. This kitty too has survived where her siblings have succumbed.
    Our friend has done everything she could to help this kitty herself, but the only thing that will save Absinthe is a vet, and she just can’t afford one.
    What she’s asking for is nothing to most people, even a little contribution helps, and the difference we can make in this woman’s spirit is huge, and Abby, if we save her will become her carer, her comforter, her fellow survivor.
    Please help us save Abby Cat.

  4. Hey doll, I have donated a little, and publicised it as much as I could. This was a great idea, I really hope it works out for you. Good luck, stay strong xxxx

  5. Reblogged this on and commented:
    So many of us wish we had the money to do this or that. This is a desperate plea to keep a life alive. It’s not a huge amount that is needed, but it’s more then Kitty’s Mama can afford. Please consider donating even if it’s just a $1 or $2.


  6. Reblogged, Facebooked and Twittered. I’m going to do my bills later and see if I can squeeze anything out of our budget to help. Big love and hugs. We’ll get her saved.

  7. Reblogged this on dianetharp70's Blog and commented:
    Please help kitty girl, even the smallest gift/help is sooo appreciated. >^•^<

  8. Reblogged this on nombredelapluma and commented:
    OK, so here’s a chance for all six…or is it three… of my followers to do something nice. I wouldn’t ask for my cat since I don’t have one, but if I did I know I could count on all of you. My friend needs some help here. I know it’s just a cat to you, but to her the cat is family, sort of like your left arm but less connected and more aloof and aware of its’ own beauty. Anything you can do will help and encourage my friend and all around brilliant blogger MorgueticiaAtoms and her lovely cat Absinthe. Thanks, all six of you!

  9. I hope my reblogging this is a blessing to you. Cheers! ~DM

  10. Reblogged this on Advocate for Invisible Illness! and commented:
    Please help the kitty. Any amount will help. Abby the cat is counting on you.

  11. Reblogged on my FB page (lot odd my friends are parents) fingers crossed!!

  12. I just checked your go fund me account and you made it!!!!! That’s so fantastic I’m so happy for you and Absinthe and Spook. ❤

    • It is awesome, I still can’t believe one person I don’t even know donated $220! My faith in humanity is restored for the next five minutes, lol. I set up the withdrawal process, not knowing it took 4-7 days. I am going to leave the campaign up a little longer since I found out the Advantage Flea Treatment for the other cats the vet insists on (and I agree) is $22 each and we have five other indoor cats. Maybe I can get a little help toward that so the fleas don’t make Abby sick all over again. I hate being greedy, but it seems a bit dumb to treat her only to bring her back to the fleas,and I am fairly sure it was an abscessed flea bite that put her in this shape. When I estimated costs, I thought I could do it myself, but then last time I bought Advantage was six years ago and it was only $12! Stuff must be made of pegacorn wings!

      In all seriousness…I am so very grateful to every person who donated or even spread the word through reblog and social media…It’s been quite the humbling experience to spend so much time being a misanthrope only to see that good people exist-I am just not related to them or friends with them IRL. 🙂 Net friends rock.

      On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 4:17 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • I would definitely leave it up. I had put it on my FB page and one of my friends shared it as well. You just never ever know. It sucks that we run into the asses of society because there really are some good people out there.

      • Oh I am so glad Niki. That is such great news. ❤

  13. ~ • YAY!! • ~ >^•^< mew mew mew!!

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