Morgue Unit ZAPPA

Remember all that stuff I so wanted to do hours ago when my kid was still here and I was looking toward a kid free night to accomplish oodles?

It ain’t gonna happen.

First off, the heat is oppressive. Only way not to pass out in this place is to remain seated directly in front of a fan. I even got a spray bottle and filled it with water, which is being kept in the fridge to randomly spritz myself when the sweat drips in my eyes.

Second, I have gone all bloaty which can mean  only one thing. Pre shark week. Fuck fuck fuckity fuckitall.

Third, and this one is the kicker…Ha ha ha ha, since I fucked up and ran out of Cymbalta three or so days ago…MY BRAIN IS ZAPPING ME AT RANDOM INTERVALS AND MAKING MY FINGERTIPS NUMB!

*Note to self, do not EVER attempt to divide capsules again*

Brain zaps suck. And they seem to come with all the ssri and snri meds. Miss a dose or two and woohoo, it’s like a two year old with a stun gun sporadically stabbing my brain.

I’m not getting shit done tonight.

And yeah, yeah, I know- Do I ever have a day without some sort of complaint?


Does in utero count? I’m pretty sure I didn’t complain in there cos ya know, I couldn’t talk yet and all.

The saddest part is, the idgets who ask such questions think their logical is sound. Um,hello, do you think this gives me some sort of joy, everything always going wily nily and never working out? Do you think this is what I signed up for in life? To always be so uncomfortable and have every tiny thing in life work against me so I’m even more off kilter?

Definitely shark week prologue, I can feel my anger issues flaring up. Someone’s head is gonna roll this week.

Fecking hell, I’m gonna retire to my crypt and wallow in my bed and pray to gods I don’t believe in that my debit card works tomorrow ‘cos pardon me if I don’t trust the bank to not fuck things up.

I should close on something witty, let my personality shine.


How about a line from a Wednesday 13 song that has my name on it?

I cannot resist these middle fingers on my fists!

zapzap zap zap zap zap.



I swear anti depressants are made out of some sort of powdered electronic shit cos my brain feels like it’s getting electric jolts.





Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.

6 Responses to “Morgue Unit ZAPPA”

  1. Love ya much Morgue! Got to the part you said about only time not complaining was ? in utero. Part of you was even bitching as an egg/embryo that is was too dammed dark to make yer way to the & I quote “the fuckin’ uterine wall (your 9½ month digs)” ,,,and now back to my regularly scheduled Morgue!

  2. Don’t sweat the petty things, & don’t pet the sweaty things. ,,, I. Am. Totally. Diggin. That!!

  3. That’s what you get for eating the glass and washing it down with Windex. Didn’t you know that big corp has now microchipped EVERYTHING?! I’ll come with my cattle prod and reset everything. And the cake vodka IV drip. And another spray bottle

  4. If you’re soon for shark week, then I must be soon. Might explain why my legs hurt like if I’d been beaten the fuck up. I can’t be bothered to track my planner. Could afford a calendar for the wall of shame last year. Bloody Mary, hurting me for two weeks every month (week before is hell, week during is hell pt. 2) since the age of 11. Ugh.

    I remember living in the heat you mentioned all my childhood. One time my mom found me in the fridge. She was just mad she couldn’t fit in with me.

  5. “Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things.” I adn’t seen this before 🙂 HAHA!
    Hoping your brain stops zapping you soon xx

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