Men, Women, Children, Pets-The Overmedication Of America

This post has been inspired by this episode I found.  You need not watch it to get the gist- some of these kids are on 13 fucking meds, Seroquel, Lexapro, Adderall, Risperdal, et al. Most of them are simply sufferers of abuse at the hands of adults they should have been able to trust. Rather than give them counseling and one on one time to work through these issues, they are labeled problem kids and handed bottle after bottle of pills. Most of which I don’t even think are fit for adults, let alone little kids. Starting to label and medicate children at age 4 for bipolar sickens me to the nth degree. These kids talk about the weight gain, feeling like a zombie, like a brick is on their head…This is a bad enough world to live in when your issues are legitimate. It’s downright disgusting when there’s absolutely no cause for them to be prescribed. This is where I take an anti medication view. If you need them, fine. But for all everyone who needs them, there are ten being handed a bottle of Prozac and being labeled as something they’re simply not.

Unfortunately, this is a huge problem in the United States.

Frankly, I blame “Prozac Nation”. Now of my plethora of failed meds, Prozac was one of the few that benefited me. But when it was launched in the 80’s, every person having a bad week who went to the doctor was handed a script. This is where the stigma has stemmed from, the way doctors pass them out without any real cause. I don’t disagree with this. But I do take issue with the blanket mentality that because doctors pass out scripts for the stuff left and right, that negates the need by those who are bipolar, depressed, etc. It’s a fine line, indeed, and education is the key, not ignorance, not stigma and judgment.

In spite of my issues with my own child..There is no way in hell I want her labeled, at six, bipolar or ADHD, or any other diagnosis. I don’t want her shoveling pills unless there comes a time when it is for her own benefit. Being defiant and rebellious are not mental disorders. Being hyper is not a disorder, especially when it doesn’t present any behavioral or learning issues for her in school. I have a high spirited headstrong child and it will be over my dead rotting corpse before I let them slap her with a diagnosis and med regime until I deem there’s a real problem. As a bipolar parent, I’m especially keen on the signs, early signs, no less, and I am aware of her propensity for mental illness due to it hanging from every branch of her family tree. It won’t escape my notice as I am vigilant. I don’t want her on  meds,  I hope she dodges this bullet with every fiber of my being…If she doesn’t..Well, we cross the bridge when we come to it.

I never wanted meds. I tried therapy alone. For some of us, it’s a necessary evil.

For others, it’s just a bandage slapped on a wound to the soul. If we medicate ’em so they can’t feel their pain, all is well. That’s the mentality that has to change. Especially in abused children. Hearing about a seven year old hanging himself…Meds can’t undo abuse and neglect. Love can’t even heal those wounds.

Just like Prozac and Seroquel aren’t gonna cure a bad month for someone whose issue is situational.

On a side note, in my opinion, because this show highlights the use of antipsychotics…It’s the cross labeling of antipsychotics as bipolar and depressive treatment options that has turned it into a common medication. This is shit I wouldn’t give my pegacorn. (If it helps you, yay, but coma queen is not my goal in life.) Cross labeling can be good, since my mood stabilizer is technically an anti seizure drug. But the antipsychotics for bipolar and such have gotten to a point of commonality, and the general public thinks they are for psychotic behavior, that it’s giving mentally ill people more stigma to deal with.

Educate, educate, educate. And put down the damned script pad until you’ve spent enough time with anyone- man, woman, or child- before you deem a pill to be the cure all.



41 Responses to “Men, Women, Children, Pets-The Overmedication Of America”

  1. I asked my shrink about that very thing, because I used the crazyboards forum back then, and everyone had these loooong lists of meds in their sigs. She told me that America is known for over-prescription and that South Africa follows the more moderate British version (lol… British reserve eh). I wish I’d been diagnosed at 5, when the bipolar manifested, I wish I’d had a med or 2 at low doses, to guard against brain damage – I’m now losing words and memory and waiting for a ct scan and it horrifies me. I fucking hate my meds, but I’m glad I only have 4,and 1 of those is prn. I’m on one anticonvulsant as a Mood stabiliser, 1 antidepressant for obvious reasons (lol) and an low doses of an antipsychotic last thing at night for sleep and to add to the holy grail of mood stability. I’ve been a coma king from time to time, but my shrink changed the meds that caused it, because they caused it. Agggg blah blah fucken blah I hate fucken bipolar and the co-morbid disorders too. Fuck it and its medication.

    • I don’t think my problems started until around 11 or 12, at which point I wish my parents hadn’t simply dismissed it as moodiness or a phase. This makes me watch Spook more closely but until her patterns form and aren’t merely tied to screaming fits when the word “no” is involved…I am loathe to label her or medicate her. She won’t suffer like I did, that’s for damned sure.

      On Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 2:38 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


  2. (and the fatass horse it rode in on)
    (with your barbed wire dido and a pegacorn horn)
    (and a spork)

  3. I absolutely agree with this post 100%. I have seen kids in the waiting room just like this. They are there with their social workers, coming from broken homes and on more drugs than I dare to take.

    And you know what? Sometimes it’s because the parents don’t want to deal with hyper, rebellious kids. They’re too busy so it’s easier to make them take medications that will make them easier to live with.

    So there’s a bit of that too.

    And willing doctors to sign off just about any drug. I usually get asked what I want prescribed by PCP.

    Gee. I don’t know. I didn’t go to medical school.

    • I was horrified that on that show, one of the foster family parents was threatened with having the kid taken away simply because they thought they were overmedicated and didn’t want to dish out the meds. That’s fucking sad.

  4. Big time issue I have is,,, these poisons (oops! meds)are harmful/toxic to adults! Risk vs benefit. Children are NOT small versions of adults, their brains (if they are going to even function one day) are still forming/developing. Stuffing chemicals down a kid’s yap cause it’s easier for parents, society,,, to deal with, rather than get one on one with that child to rule out other issues/ways to actually help the child if there is an organic brain dis/mal•function only creates MORE UNNECESSARY SHIT! AND. IS. 200%. MORE. HARMFUL. THAN. THE. ORIGINAL. (??) DIAGNOSIS!!! *and Big Pharma makes out great, more meds, more money, more side effects, more meds to counteract side effects, more money,,,,

    • Time to take a Fuckital,Diane. Big Pharma is counting on you! 😉

      On Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 3:21 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


    • My Sxs of depression/BP2 started manifesting around age 3 yrs old, depression showed definitely by 6yrs. Not really addressed (no fault of my Mom & Dad),,, (childhood)psychology was almost unheard of, at least where I’m from,,,

      • I would have been a tough one even then. I was being bullied at school so the depression and anxiety seemed situational. But then I’d be bouncing off walls even though it was still going on, then I’d have my seasonal depression.

        Saddest part, and yet so common, was that it took 13 years and six doctors before any of them even hit upon bipolar. All those wasted years, bridges burned…

        On Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 3:30 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • I hear ya! I was bullied by whole elementary school starting 1st gr ~ until I quit ½ way through 9th. Poor & went to snobby rich school & have (now hardly noticeable mild CP in my left leg). Totally attempted suicide age 6, almost jumped 2nd floor window,,, sooo much SHIT! I’m sure we could sit & trade stories for hours,,,,

      • Think I hit my wall with high school the day that special ed kid spat on me and everyone stood around laughing. April of tenth grade, maybe? I refused to go, mom was threatened with jail, so she signed the papers for me to quit and dad didn’t speak to either of us for a week.
        No regrets. NONE, contrary to what everyone said. It saved my life, as far as I am concerned.

      • Hey we both breathing, speaking of which, I’m gonna go have a cig

  5. Do you have any (in out) I have all my fuck(itol) away, didn’t get August’s supply yet LOL

  6. I showed signs early too, but mental health wasn’t talked about then either. I am 58, even older than you guys. I didn’t get help until I was about 30 and had a mini breakdown. First thing the therapist did is have my pcp prescribe Prozac. Bad idea with Bipolar. Sent me flying, suicidal, scary stuff. Then he said oh sorry didn’t know you had Bipolar. He didn’t bother talking to me, just had them give me Prozac. Now I know you don’t take anti-depressants without a mood stabilizer if you have Bipolar Disorder.

  7. Yep BP + antidepressant (alone) = disaster (mania/hypomania). Happened to me in Feb, (ran out of/insurance wouldn’t auth) my Lithium & Lamictal x 18 days. Still took anti•D (couldn’t get through to Dr office, blah blah blah,,,) *presto*

    • Ha, that’s all they gave me for 13 years, no wonder I went wacko basket the whole time.

      • Now that you say that, my PCP had me on celexa then lexapro for at least 1½ yrs, I friggin totally forgot up until my worst/closely successful suicide attempt,,,hmmm

      • Me too off and on. They tried Lithium and I couldn’t take it so began the trip through anti-d land and I had crazy problems with each. I needed a mood stabilizer, but I can’t take the new ones. I am on an old one and it works fine for me. No problems with that and the Cymbalta.

      • Yeah, thanks for reminding me, Tessa. I wanted to ask what old one it is you’re on, in case my shrink gets any bright ideas about throwing lithium out there. I’d like an option to throw back at him since I don’t do so well on the newer stuff.

        On Mon, Aug 3, 2015 at 5:11 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • My mood stabilizer is a generic for Trilofon I think is the spelling, the generic is called Perphenazine. I take 4 mg of that and 90 mg of Cymbalta. The 2 mg of Perphenazine was too little for the 90 Cymbalta, ok for 60 mg of Cymbalta. I am at about 5 weeks now of stabilization.

  8. Pick up on these people in schools and give them a space to vent, speak out and process what’s in thier heads
    Teach social skills and basic manners, even if it’s only to fake it better
    Stop throwing the idea of perfect relationships and the idea that single by 30 is bad
    And no meds… Kids have personality glitches like adults, just not the mental processing skills of age and wisdom, so give them help early and don’t judge
    When they grow up to be the next Steve Jobs or Picasso (minus ear cutting etc!), that’s who they are meant to be, not shame filled zombies trying to blend, whilst living in social isolation because they don’t feel they fit

    Ban the word normal and replace it with something better and less rejecting of those outside the ‘norm’

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