How to recognize the face of depression

This was from four years ago right after my life imploded and I became a single mom. I thought it was relevant since there’s so much misinformation out there on what is and isn’t “valid mental illness.”
Good time to repost this. Sadly, I’m back to looking like a corpse, but such is the bipolar coaster.

Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

I suppose mental illness is rather baffling to most people. They have no clue what to look for if you’re not strutting down the street naked flinging poo at passersby. But, if you are with or related to someone with a mental illness, then you should want to educate yourself on what signs to look for when someone *may* be in need of help. Not recognizing these signs can be devastating in many ways.

I keep thinking if the donor had been more willing to believe that I was mentally ill rather than just a bitch, we wouldn’t be where we are now. I warned him from the get go how bad things could get for me and would he be able to handle it. I should have known anyone ignorant and arrogant enough to grin and say, “Well, I will just have to cheer you up and out of…

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