Bloggers Are Narcissists

Yep. I read it on the internet thus it must be factual. We who blog are complete narcissists, all but humping our reflections in the mirror and begging people to worship us.

I gotta stop reading the internet. The idiocy is rampant. To me, a narcissistic blogger is someone who seeks out attention. I started this blog with ONE person following me because I gave her the link…From there…There’s been no promoting my blog. No begging for attention. No social linking. People have either found me tag surfing or whatever. I visit their blog, comment, take a look at some of their followers, comment if I like a post…And so my blog has built up followers without me having to flash my boobs, bow down to Facebook, or Tweet my every bowel movement.

On what planet is this narcissism? Just because I like to write, have a lot to vent about, and can be a complete multi post a day whore…It doesn’t mean I am in love with myself. It means, I have my story to tell. Whether others choose to read it is out of my hands. I don’t consider it any different than my boxes and boxes of old school paper journals and spiral notebooks filled with handwritten spewage. But, if that’s true and you don’t seek attention, why post it on line for all to read?

That’s an easy one. Mental illness has a way of isolating you. Especially when you live in a rural area so the topic is discussed even less than it is in larger cities. You start feeling like a defective freak. You want to be alone and yet sometimes,you want to reach out. Even if it’s a single sentence commiserating, “I know how ya feel”…It can be a lifeline. Not for attention. For support. And it cuts both ways. When I am doing well, or even not so well, if my experience, bared for all the internet to see, helps someone through a rough spot or makes them feel stronger…THAT. That is why I do it.

I’m a writer, so of course, I like positive input on my writing. But also, I am battling a multiple mental illness diagnoses and writing about it connects me to others who experience the same thing. I don’t ask for money. I don’t demand “like me on”. I post few pics of myself. I don’t give out direct information about name and whereabouts. (More for safety of my kid, than anything, don’t want to be shouting out your address to pedophiles.) I blog because I like to do it. Prior to wordpress, I’d had blogs on livejournal for years. With three followers the whole time. The three people I have addy to.

So pardon me if I don’t bow down to this wikipedia-esque declaration that it is narcissistic to blog. This blog has been more therapeutic and helpful for me than all of the therapy in my life. If you want to make a negative out of that, well who’s the pessimist here?

In other news…Um…I got nothing. I fed and bathed kid and self and have done…Nothing the rest of the day. I can feel my mind going hypomanic,though my body has impetus impotence. My mind is spinning the rusty hamster wheel at breakneck speeds. My body is sticking its tongue out and telling me to fuck off. It’s not a bad mood so much as it is just…being tired. From my kid yapping, from the heat, from last week’s dish experiences…It doesn’t matter why. Because I could work 100 hour week, run a marathon, save six orphans from a blazing fire, and stumble onto a cure for ebola and there’d still be someone asshole saying, “Wow, you’re lazy, you don’t do enough to be tired.”

I have the right to be tired. And so I will just say it…I am tired. Not as in sleepy. Just weary. And wary of what the dish will bring this week, what expectations will there be, and am I gonna be in any shape to meet them?

“He took Lithium for depression.”

Line from the crime doc I am watching. WTF? Do these people even do skimming research before saying shit like that? Another show said Xanax was for bipolar disorder. WTF.

Speaking of crime docs…I was watching an interview with a woman on death row, on her last appeal, and it hit me…My God, she looks better than I do on my best day. Perfect make up, fake lashes, hair extensions…I get TV wants you to look good and she was a vain person to begin with but, wow…Depression makes me less groomed than a death row inmate?

Depression needs to be on death row. Drive thru death row.

Now, if you’ll pardon me…I have to go stare at my own reflection and comment on amazingly stunning I am. I may even lick the mirror. I am that tasty. Then I will blog about it while creating social networking accounts with a thousand selfies to show just how fanfuckfabulous I am.

Until that happens…Fuck your “blogging is narcissism” mentality. Go home, internet, you’re making me want to be drunk.


50 Responses to “Bloggers Are Narcissists”

  1. George ‘Dubya’ Bush once said that there are rumors on the internets, y’know


  2. More generalisations! It doesn’t even bother me, I know the internet has provided me with access to amazing communities that provide me lots of moral support, conversation and real friendships with real people even if I never get to meet them. I love that I can essentially go to a group for people with xyz while sitting in my tracksuit pants that I haven’t taken off for 3 days. Narcissism really is absurd in that context! 🙂


    ❤ LOL ❤ love ya!

  4. Omg the internets exploding..oh no, wait, that was just the rain moving through. Fuck my brain is fried!

  5. And stop licking mirrors-you know what they said about glass in your diet

  6. You guys are all nutty. But ya give me something to smile about. Not feeling so hot myself today. I worry about my stabilization. I hate the thought of going back to where I was. Going back after almost 5 months would be more horrible than having been suffering with you guys all along. I am not a narcissist. I hate me so there. 🙂 Love you guys! ❤

  7. Sass ~ Internet IS exploding ’cause ME & MORGUE are THE BEST BLOGGERS (& best everything) & everyone is checking US our out!! LO’FUCKING’LOUD!! 🙂

  8. We ARE narcissistic you know 😉

  9. WE ARE DAMMIT!! & WE’RE (V.F.s) all (Blah, Sass, Zoe, Tessa, Morgue,,,) going to Bumfuck, Egypt for V.F. Tour PIRATES MATEY!! ARGGHH!!! ❤

  10. Love you, Niki. And though I may not catch every single post of yours, you be one of my favs. X

    • I thought of you earlier when my kid burst into BFMV’s “Dirty Little Secret.” I’d forgotten about that song as the album’s on my other computer yet she remembers it.
      I gotta get my music fu back, this is killing me.

      • That’s awesome, morgue. I appreciate the thoughts (and hope today was easy on you). I’ll have to dig into the racks and stacks and find you some tunes from my playlist, Thundertracks, lol.

  11. Jipsi Harris Says:

    You are f*king awesome!! I enjoyed this so much!! However, I have to be honest, I think I actually may be a teeny bit of a narcissist. Just a little. Cause I share on Fartbook….which goes unnoticed. But not here! Anyway, you rule!

    • I used to do myspace, though I promoted bands and did very little of promoting myself. Then it just became fuckfacebook this, fuckfacebook that…Like you WILL be assimilated. That and sitting around a bunch of people supposedly “hanging out’ while they’re all on their smart phones updating their status.
      Anti social networking in my book, but I’m a misanthrope anyway! Enjoy what you like, dude.
      And thank you for the compliments, I needed a break from kissing my reflection! 😉

  12. Your licked mirror is now being auctioned on eBay with a reserve of a million dollars!

    • Woo hoo, I may be in competition with that piece of toast Justin Bieber licked six years ago that’s still on auction!

      On Sun, Jul 26, 2015 at 9:35 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • Yasssss, biebertoast is so six years ago. Btw I was disappointed when the sheep url didn’t work. Second thoughts, I don’t wanna see sheep doing that.

      • LMAO- I didn’t even check its validity until after I’d posted and the whole time I’m praying to pegacorns it doesn’t bring up something I can’t unsee, not enough mental bleach! Thankfully nothing was found, though now that I’ve put it out there and the url is available…Oh, dear.

        On Sun, Jul 26, 2015 at 9:38 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


  13. I’m not clicking either. Smh I need to train my autocorrect not to try and correct that to peg acorns.

  14. I leave for one day and all the best lines pop up.

    To the narcissist meaning misusing folks (whatever that means:)


    My God, was it Worldwide Troll Month? Or is this a lifetime celebration event?

  15. I take Lithium for depression lol. But I also have weird mutant chronic treatment resistant depression that nothing else works on. Lithium is used off label for cases like mine – but I doubt that’s what that tv show was referring to. Almost every reference to any mental illness in tv or movies is just so. very. wrong.

    • My doctor always explained it to me as, “It’s a mood stabilizer but will also help with the depression.” LIES. It’s a great stabilizer, I ended up feeling nothing but depressed. Which is cool until you want to feel something and can’t.

      It’s all so wrong, like the assumption that using an (atypical) antipsychotic means you’re a violent psychopath. Ugh.

      On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 11:16 AM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • It must be one of those things that affects people differently, I know some of the antidepressants that have helped friends were awful for me. Lithium is the only thing I’ve taken that has even touched the depression – it’s not perfect, but it’s a huge improvement over anything else I’ve tried.

      • That’s awesome to hear, I used to read your old blog (you were the one who sent me the suicide bunnies card!) and I remember how much trouble you had. Glad it’s looking up at least on that front.

        On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 11:35 AM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • Haha I loved those cards – but not very many people I could send them to, lol. It took a long time and a LOT of side effects but things on the meds font have finally settled down. Mostly it’s just physical problems these days. I’m just glad they’re taking turns now. 😛

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