Bloody hell, EFF it

I did a post with hair metal videos, but my copy and paste just kept repeating the same thing and I frigging gave up so forgive me. It’s still 90 degrees at 11 p.m. and my spleen is sweating and speaking the truth has sent followers scattering like roaches in the light…Ya know what?

ONE comment thanking me for having the guts to be honest, even if it offends, is worth all this crap. I never mean to offend or hurt anyone but sometimes, it’s a side effect of the truth. On the bright side, be grateful I just wrote things you disagreed with and didn’t kick you in the head.

My own work:



Agree to disagree, don’t troll me. This is my truth, as much as optimism is yours. Throw the first stone, I will throw boulders back.
Life isn’t fair and neither is Morgueticia.

8 Responses to “Bloody hell, EFF it”

  1. Love my Hair bands (aka hair metal)! Love love love it! (saw your first post/ couldn’t comment)
    To those that don’t like you, like me:
    You’re standing to close what the fuck’s with you? You ain’t my old lady n’ you ain’t a tattoo, no need to whimper, no need to shout, this party’s over so get the FUCK out!!
    SKID ROW ~ ROCK THE “F” ON!! ❤

  2. Love you Morgueticia ❤

  3. I don’t even think it’s being negative. I think it’s being real. People need to get a grip. Fuck ’em.

  4. Damn I missed something being offline yesterday. People are assholes, but there are us that still love you for being real. This ain’t no bakery-we ain’t sugar coating shit. ❤

  5. Actually, I found your first meme inspirational enough to Pin it on my Inspiration board, the second truthful enough to Pin it to my Mental Health board. Who knows, maybe someone will find them helpful? I hope so.

  6. “It ain’t a sin to wanna rock and roll, man.” You know I love you girl. You’re my #1 blogging metal head partner in crime. I’ll rock with you ANYDAY, sistah! Big hugs XXXXX

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