Let’s Celebrate July 5th in Fives

Most celebrate July 4th. Cookouts, company, fireworks, maybe  a few drinks. As my last post indicates, my July 4th sucked. I mean, SUCKED. Much as I love getting showered, fed, and retiring to my room in the dark with fans…The noise was a neverending torment. So in the spirit of rebellion and being myself, who, for whatever reason, is *not* the norm…Let’s  celebrate the fifth of July by making love/hate lists in the number five. Take the challenge, it has zero calories and no adverse side effects.

FAVORITE SHOWS: (major networks)

1.) CSI (though that’s been canceled so CSI Cyber it becomes and my computers will never look anything but evil again.)

2.) Person of Interest

3.) Grey’s Anatomy

4.) The Originals (even though the current depressive cycle has made sure I haven’t watched it in four months)

5.) Nashville. Yes. It’s not the country music, it’s the characters and storylines. Sue me.\

Favorite Shows On Cable/ limited episodes seasons:

1.) izombie-hells yeah!

2.)  Rizzoli and Isles

3.) Under The Dome

4.) American Horror Story

5.) Dr. Who

Favorite bands/ music artists

1.) Wednesday 13

2.) Murderdolls

3.) 30 Seconds To Mars (early stuff good, later stuff…mediocre)

4.) Black Veil Brides

5.) Adelitas Way

Favorite Songs

1.) The Kill -30 Seconds To Mars

2.) Forget To Remember- Mudvayne

3.) Fallen Angel- Poison

4.) Anything, Anything- Dramarama

5.) 18 and Life- Skid Row

Favorite Movies, all genres

1.) Vampires Suck

2.) Eddie and the Cruisers 2: Eddie Lives

3.) Brainscan

4.) Friday the 13 th 6: Jason Lives

5.) Under Siege

Things I hate and you will never convince me otherwise:

1. Housework.

2. Bell bottom pants.

3.) Pastel pink tied with mental illness, each are ICKKKK

4.) People who abuse animals.

5.) Chinese food.

Favorite digital things

1. Computers, laptop or desktop, love both

2.) memory cards/flash drives/ external drives-picture albums that won’t become yelllow-y

3.) Cell phones. And I mean PHONE, not smart phone that does everything but cook breakfast for you. I just like being able to place a call when my car breaks down.

4.) wifi- not being chained to a cord (except by laptop batteries that last all of 1.5 hours if you actually use it)

5.) MP3 players- sooo wondermous to include all the songs you love without having to pack a hundred cds and skip a dozen songs for the ONE you like

Foods I LOVE

1.) pizza with meat and mushroom topping

2.)  spaghetti with meat sauce and mushrooms

3.) Domino’s parmesan bites

4.) cheeseburger with ketchup and onion only

5.) beef jerky (certain brands and flavors)

Foods I won’t touch with YOUR hand

1.) Chinese

2.) Saurkraut, however it’s spelled

3.) asparagus, broccoli, icky

4.) yogurt…I won’t eat anything with more culture than me.

5.) steak. Unless it’s frozen and called salisbury…NOPE. (Which by the way, makes me a cheap date. Just saying.)

Hobbies/ Things to Do in spare time


2.) Write

3. read

4. Blog

5. Yard sales

Favorite Vices-

1.) Cake vodka

2.) whiskey and coke (liquid, not powder)

3.) No strings attached safe sex

4.) Mangoritas

5.) Swearing

Retro as fuck things about me-

1.) Prefer VCRs to DVD

2.) Want to own old school Mrs Pac-Man arcade video game

3.) CRT televisions- old clunky, hard to move yet last 15 years without needing a repair. Flat panels…Um…NO.

4) Cars. Anything past 1990 means wussfied engine and computerized brain. No, no no. I want my old school v-8 engine that goes when I tell it to and doesn’t break d0wn at every hiccup. Also, cannot be hacked so I die in a fiery crash that looks like an accident.

5.) Hair metal…Yes, the videos were cheesy, but guys with long hair and eyeliner and music that just makes me want to rock out and have fun…Timeless

So…there’s my sunshine spewage in  honor of the 4th of July on July 5th. And they say I can’t be positive. Hell, I was born positive. O positive.

Shame I always wanted to be like Grumpy Cat and be N-negative.




3 Responses to “Let’s Celebrate July 5th in Fives”

  1. swtswtsue Says:

    Awesome. Love this! I was in dire need of some inspiration and this did the trick. Thank you SO much! Just checking if it’s okay to share this along with a link back to your page? I realize that there are share buttons everywhere, but I’m still finding my way when it comes to sharing and reblogging… And I’d never wanna be a dick. 😉

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