Back In Black, Thinking Pink, and KITTENS

Where I went today:

1-pay rent

2- gas up ca

3- ATM for cash

4- pay internet bill…which has gone up to $80 a month when the package started out at $35

5- Dollar Tree

6- Return R’s card to shop

7- Pharmacy

8- Family Dollar

All the while my kid NEVER stops talking and traffic is thick for the holidays and it’s all I can do not to spazz out.

We came home, I unpacked bags, she continued to have the Grand Prix of chatter. I called mom, just to see if they had recovered from their stomach bug. Put it on speaker phone for Spook and my mom asks if she wants to spend the night there…UGH. Backed into a corner, yet needing the space…I had to say yes.

Got treated to a lecture how mom and sis and nephew have basically been living on bread cos they have no other food…Then they announce they bough Spook new shoes ‘c0s  they were on sale.” Mind you, my kid burns through shoes like crazy so it’s not ingratitude. But she had two new pairs in June and two wearable pairs left over,so if you’re willing to go hungry to buy shoes that aren’t necessity…Not feeling sympathy. Still…I took over a leftover pan of spaghetti I had even though I know Mom won’t eat it. It’s that marshmallow center thing, dagnabbit. In me, not the sghetti.

After I dropped her off at mom’s…I forced myself to go to Salvation Army store, in an effort to cheer myself up since I’ve missed most of the yard sale season. I didn’t have hopes of finding much. Ended up with two very nice black sweaters for winter, a cobalt dish, a hot pink flower bowl, a pink soap pump, and a 3.5 inch digital picture frame that had never even been opened (yet works beautifully!) for $15. And no, you are not reading wrong and I am not high or drunk. I did buy PINK. I like splash of color around the house, just not on my pear sized body. And when I bought the pink stuff…I thought of Sass and her love for all things pink!

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

Cobalt blue is my favorite, but I have a thing for colored glass, period. Maybe because I am fond of black clothes and neutral or jewel tone colors…I like splashes of brightness here and there. I am NOT declaring a love for pink, mind you. But hot pink amidst all the darker tones…It’s quite pretty.



My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

Brimmy (Brimstone) in a dish

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

Pannyterror-AKA Pantera



My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture


JujJu’s newborns, yet unnamed…First one to open eyes…

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

Two of Five Jujubabes, one eye open, a yellow tabby with a bobtail:

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

And Juju’s six day old furpile”

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

Brimmy in the remote control holder, which they all tale a turn in:

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

Spook and my rose bush

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

My narcissistic “take my picture at all times” babe:

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

And again:

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

(A leprechaun stole her pants too!!!!)

I had pics of Juju and Voodoo and Willow and Nightshade but they are on the other camera’s memory card and I can’t be arsed right now.

We had to wait ten minutes to pay the internet bill again today. Irks me they have so few employees it takes that long to make  a friggin payment.

I told the landlord verbatim today, “Since those neighbors moved out, I am getting bugs again and I am NOT happy!”

To which he said, “Well, you need to get happy!”

Makes me wanna mail some cockroaches to his posh address, see him and his prissy wife get happy.

In yet another example of self torture…I am rewatching the last season on Grey’s Anatomy. First time I watched it, I bawled when April and Jackson’s baby died. This time, I was sad and empathetic but ok.

The Test is gonna be seeing McDreamy aka Derek die again…If I can survive that without tears, I am officially dead inside and a zombie.

For now…It is what it is.




13 Responses to “Back In Black, Thinking Pink, and KITTENS”

  1. Holy Hell! You survived! Love the kitteh pics, and Spooks, too. Beautiful rose bush. Asshat landlord. Just mail the bedbugs-they’re more expensive to “deal with” 😉 Look at all the pink lol! I’ll have to take some pics of my Gramma’s glasses-she loved striped glasses and we all got some when she passed. Mom has put alot in her (my) hutch. ANd Monkey is the same with the camera. Maybe I’ll give them my phone to play on while we go to Saturn for the Unicorns. If they misbehave they get to wear the gravity boots

  2. OMG Spook is sooo precious!! Kitty kitty Absinthe >^•^< & the others are adorable! My 7 y/o gson Jayden saw Absinthe & thinks she's cute & wants her! Yeah right, & he's jabber jaws, he doesn't stop yacking from wake up 'til he's Zzzzzing. Oh well tree doesn't fall far from the apple (me & his Momma) Oh, I HAVE to say it LOL ~ Morgue lo – oves pi – ink!! 🙂 hadta say it!!

    • Eeeevil. I will order the pegacorn to impale you! Meh, I am even wearing a pink tanktop with cats on it, I am like pepto bismal today. BLEEEEEECh.

      Jayden will have to do battle with me and Spook for Abb y-sin. THAT is my snugglebug except Spook’s always in my bed so she thinks Abby-Sin is hers! (Loove that name Jayden!)

      On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 8:38 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • Hahaha! No impaling today! I told Sass she & you are gonna have to make me Horse Margaritas LOL, sound delish! I wanna try ’em,,, Nikki (my daughter) named him Jayden Xavior as soon as she found out he was a boy. He’s my Hunny bunny! I told him you & Spook said he can’t have Kitty girl, he’s like whyyy?? 🙂

      • Tell your daughter that in addition to having MY name…Her kid has an awesome as f*ck name!

      • I will as long as I don’t get impaled, I’m not really a big fan of that! Thanks 🙂

  3. Too much pink! Don’t jab a spork in me. Pink is not my thing either.

    • Yeah I know. The pink gave me a toothache,too. But the kittens…they are far sweeter and more sickening than pepto pink! It should be illegal to be so fuzzy and cute!

      On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 11:30 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • I wanna be fuzzy and cute like a kitten. I have a full grown pain in the ass black cat who never shuts up. Sara is my Spook! LOL!

      • Ha! You have ZERO idea how many times I have read about your cat that is always hungry and thought, OMG, ir’s my Spook’s doppelganger !

        On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 11:43 PM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • I kind of get the feelings you must get with Spook always talking and not leaving your side. This cat gets in my face and yowls! Here she comes again.

  4. WHAT A BARGAIN AT SA. I can barely find anything at thrift stores down here.

    Loved all pics. The cats are gorgeous. Reminds me that I almost got a cat this week… except I gained sanity at the last minute and remembered I am terribly allergic to their fur. But he was gorgeous. Sigh.

    Spook looks adorable. I was one to demand pictures to be taken of me when I was around her age too.

  5. Lilbit is the same way — mommy, take pictures of me! Show them to me now! I’m so funny! Kids, ha ha. Also, woo for kitten spam. 😀 I miss having kittens.

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