This Just In…

I’m too tired to talk about my dysfunctions. Probably because last night was deviation and I woke EVERY hour on the hour and kept searching to see if the my kid had climbed in my bed. And she was at grandma’s so she hadn’t and I just remember feeling so lonely, so sad, so…


Needless to say, the mood was meh, but the anxiety today was sky high. Panxiety. Any time I have to deal with the frigging dish. More monsoon rain. More cramps. Trip to the grocery store. Kid throwing tantrums and screaming she hates me. We have a cookout tomorrow night at R and Sandi’s, then my sister is doing this Father’s Day Meal for dad on Saturday and…

UGHHH. It’s bad when I can’t even muster up the energy to bitch and moan. I may as well be dead. What others call being a complainer, I call de-venomizing. Now my venom will fester and I can’t even be arsed to give a fuck. Here, have some…

face high five


One Response to “This Just In…”

  1. Bestowing the power of Sporkitude for the upcoming dish adventures that sound like hell. May the Spork be with you and ever flexible. As they say in Korean dramas, “FIGHTING!”

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