Cosmic Alignment= Contentment

I can’t explain it but I am soo not arguing with it. It’s been a CONTENT day. My kid’s been tuned down to four (Thank you, Neopets, for babysitting when it’s raining outside), there’s been little noise outside, I’ve felt fairly serene. The cramps have lessened, I’m not feeling venomous. I am actually looking forward to simply going to bed in awhile after Spook’s asleep.

What’s different?

Hormone levels. Medication levels. Bipolar cycle. Anxiety level. Everything has to align fluidly.

This is not to say I am happy or less numb or even feeling inspired to do anything. But it’s contentment and that’s golden, for as long as it lasts.

SEE. I CAN SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE, if anything positive happens.

If every day were like this from a mind state, I’d be the happiest fucking person alive.


4 Responses to “Cosmic Alignment= Contentment”

  1. Amen!!!!!! xxx

  2. Glad you’re feeling so well today!!! X Chris

  3. Praise the spork!!! \o/


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