Who is Morgueticiaatoms? [GUEST BLOG]

Lil Ole Me Is A Guest Blogger

surviving the specter

I asked several bloggers whom I’ve become acquainted with if they would do a guest post on Surviving the Specter. They have all graciously accepted, and I am really excited to feature them over time. They have in one way or another, inspired me, made me laugh, made me think, told it to me like it is, been supportive, reached out to me, and been there to pull me through my rough stuff. They are beautiful people and excellent bloggers. They have so much to share and it would be a dishonor for me to hoard them all to myself, haha.

My guest blogger today is Morgueticiaatoms. She is a whitty and sarcastically beautiful person. Please visit her blog and drop her a line in her Comments section. Unlike me, she is really great at holding dialogues! Check her site out – https://morgueticiasmentalhealthmausoleum.wordpress.com/

And now, I’ll turn it over to Morgue’…

My name…

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6 Responses to “Who is Morgueticiaatoms? [GUEST BLOG]”

  1. Great job Morgue!

  2. What the actual fuck…

    ❤ is what I MEANT to comment..clown shoes

  3. Who is Morgueticiaatoms? Morgueticiaatoms is fucking wild!! :). Great job!

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