Mood Check One Two…And other fairytales

This just in…(sit down so you don’t faint and crack your head open, for the love of all that is holy!)- my mood is not subterranean today. I know, right? Anxiety is another issue, but the chihuahua child has been gnawing on my ankle since 7 a.m. so being stressed makes absolute sense. Thankfully a storm last night broke the stifling heat wave so it is also cooler today which might make me less stabby. That and the fact I got proactive and did something I shouldn’t have done but I proved something to myself so I am well armed when I see the doctor next. I am hoping the “clearer” mood is not just a temporary boost from the increase in the Cymbalta.

The dreams were plentiful and bizarre. I read a THR about the show Bones right before I crashed last night…And dreamt about the cast members and being on set. How bizarre is that shit. Maybe tonight I’ll read an article about unicorns and dream about riding one into the sun.

I expect little dish interaction for the weekend. Always a good thing, as other people and the fast pace and noise seems to be a trigger for me. Outside a manic episode, the outcome of me interacting with others never ends well. This would seem to reflect poorly on me, as if somehow having poor social skills is the issue. Frankly, the issue is that my brain can’t keep pace with that world and I come flying apart. Doesn’t help that I am expected to run in the fast lane when I am driving a fricking Google car of a brain that maxes out at 20mph.

I need to go pay the power bill at some point, which means a trip to the pricy store that takes payments, where all the upper crusties can afford to shop. Icky. It’d be nice if my anhedonia lifted enough for me to want to go to a few yard sales. Not even to buy things, but just to mimic my former self.

I know, for someone claiming an anti abysmal mood, I still have lots to bitch about. I prefer the term “venting”. And sometimes, a statement is just a statement. “The sky is blue.” Not a complaint, a statement.

So in honor of my kitten Absinthe who is resting on my shoulder like a parrot…A couple of cat humor shirts I found.



Maybe the spork be with you.


2 Responses to “Mood Check One Two…And other fairytales”

  1. FAIR IS FAIR. Not sure where that came from or why. Just did. Carry on

  2. >^•^< kitty-kitty, meow-meow! 😦 again, I'm sorry about kitty baby! 😦

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