Little Venom, More Tranquility

Twas not a stellar day but also…Twas not living hell. Miracle of miracles, I’m not gonna bitch and moan for ten pages.

Aside from the humidity and the oompa loopas squeezing my ovaries at random moments to cause me doubling over pain…I have managed to survive fairly unscathed today. I’m not doing cartwheels. My scumbag brain is telling me it’s time to take to my crypt…I did not find the fountain of cure, nor am I gonna puke up any rainbows. At the same time…I am also not gonna spew any venom.


I hazarded a trip to three different places in the dish today. Aldi, Family Dollar, and the library. Nothing too traumatic except I had no quarter to get a cart at Aldi and was standing in line ten minutes with my arms full. Oh, and again at Family Dollar while some oblivious geriatric had to dig out exact coins from her bag while I juggled apple juice, canned veggies, a bottle of cola and a partridge in a pear tree. For one person who’d barely waited ten seconds and had a cart, they opened a second register while still I stood there. Not life altering but it never ceases to be annoying how rude people can be. Still, it didn’t send me into a swearing tailspin.

I was just going to return my library books. Then I said, no, get one, at least. Instead, I walk out with four even though my focus on reading these days leaves much to be desired. What can I say, I am a book floozy. I suppose of all the hobbies one could overindulge in, reading’s a pretty good one.

Had to brave the big school to fetch my kid. Not pleasant but I took a book, parked a block away, and sat on a bench. Since getting home, she has been minimally fussy (Thank you, Neopets!) and I do make her alternate between playing outside and the computer. (JINX, no sooner than I commend her behaving well, I tell her it’s jamma time and she starts throwing a fit and mouthing off.)

All in all…Not an awful day. I still can’t muster up any enthusiasm to listen to music (I might infect it with my debbie downer thing) nor can I do much around the house except in bits and pieces. Still…I managed to run some errands, the kid’s been good-ish, I even cooked myself a decent supper.

I think some of it has to do with FOUR days of not being nagged within an inch of my life by hours of dish time and oh, yeah, R. Ya know, the guy who only calls me when he needs something or is bored and all the other people are busy. Yeah, well, I think to some extent, he’s a bit toxic. Necessary evil sometimes. Less evil than my family, at least. But four days to regroup, three of them pretty much sans kid…It makes sense I’d pipe down a bit. The hormonal thing seems to be dying down. I think the worst of the Latuda aftermath is fading out.

One thing I’ve noticed since starting the Trileptal is I am grinding my teeth unconsciously. To the point my gums hurt.  I catch myself, correct it, and bam, right back to it without even realizing it. This is a side effect from this med, though it seems I developed it rather fast according to the normal onset the literature talks about. Oh, well. Compared to Latuda, this is puppies and sunshine and orgasmic chocolate.

For now…The madness in Morgueland is at a tolerable volume. I wish it’d stay that way. I also wish pegacorns were real but hey…Dreams aren’t a bad thing.

spiders(Thanks to Diane for that one! Too funny.)


7 Responses to “Little Venom, More Tranquility”

  1. Ah-ha, you think you got it bad ~ try trading notes with poor Humphrey, his life’s sssssad! LOL!! And Chad? well that’s Chad for ya! Spider whore!! 🙂

    • Ya know, with that cloud of metrosexual Axe in the air…Let’s hope Chad and Humphrey don’t start eyeballing each other. Those lady spiders will kick the snake’s ass, the snake will inject them with venom, then Chad and Humphrey will throw down…It’d be like a soap opera for critters. And of course, the pegacorn would come riding/flying to the rescue with bedazzled sporks for everyone…
      I ain’t right but I like it 😉

  2. Well it is nice to hear you are feeling a little better. This one wasn’t quite as spewing forth the negative stuff. I heard some positives in there. 🙂

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