Thankful Thursday, My Version

Thank you, Tessa, for reminding me of all I have to be thankful for. It makes me want to share this gold framed picture I put up on my wall. It’s to remind myself that while the only thing I want (mental stability) eludes me…There’s still plenty to be thankful for. This sign put things into perspective for me when I woke up one day, a single mom, and thought my life was over all because a man couldn’t handle the responsibility of a child.

Turns out, I didn’t lose much and neither did my kid. In fact, as much as I had wanted her father to be in her life, he has opted not to. It helps to look at this on the wall everyday and know not all was lost…If anything…I’m pretty damned lucky.


It’s so easy to forget these things, especially when your brain is a nasty vindictive swirl of depressive thoughts. I put this on my wall four years ago and there it remains.

So I never forget to be thankful for all I do have when others have so much less.

(Still wouldn’t turn down mental stability if I could get it.)

🙂 What are you thankful for?

One Response to “Thankful Thursday, My Version”

  1. I wouldn’t mind mental stability myself. 🙂

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