I Was Gonna Spew Some Sunshine…

So, yeah, I found some cutesy pics on line and thought, Hey, how about instead of bitching and moaning about how life sucks, you spew some sunshine and piss out some adorable little puppies…
Fuck optimism.
And if you came to this blog expecting some deep meaningful post…Today is not your day. This is pure venting of emotion.

So my mental state…Yeah. I wore the same shirt for two days. I haven’t showered since Thursday. I haven’t worn make up in days (and I am an eyeliner whore so this is not a good sign.) I have some sort of chest cold causing me to hack up a lung every thirty seconds and it hurts like hell. Kept me awake most of last night when I really needed to sleep because I was so fucking pissed off.

I let my kid play outside yesterday. And she was so excited when two new girls came to play on the swingset. I thought, awesome, she’s happy.
Next thing I know she’s outside bawling her head off.
These two demon children who used to basically live here during the summer are telling everyone in the trailer park my kid has head lice. And their parents have banned them from playing with my kid, perpetuating this blatant lie.
Now I’m tough, I’ve been lied about and ostracized my whole life. I have a “fuck off” attitude, I don’t have time or desire to deal with ignorant, if not downright stupid and evil people, who’d do something to a hurt a 5 year old.
So there I am trying to console my crying daughter, all the while plotting the demise of these heathens and their trailer trash parents. (And yeah, trailer trash means more than living in a trailer, it’s how you conduct yourself and lying about children is trailer fucking trash thing to do.)

My kid NEVER had lice prior to hanging out with the devil children.
Then suddenly she gets it five times. Because their dad was too busy playing video games to be bothered to keep the kids home while they left that script lice stuff on for 12 hours while the mom works. So I don’t don’t doubt for a second the kids may have been passing it back and forth.
Guess what?
Kids get head lice. It ain’t the end of the world, it isn’t a sign of being dirty. It’s just a nuisance part of being a parent.
But my kid hasn’t had lice in seven months. The school would not allow her to be there if she did nor would it have been missed at her doctor’s appointments.
I get “consider the source” and all that. But when someone spreads blatant lies, I take offense and I damn well have the right. Making my kid cry is unacceptable. Five years old already being bullied and gossiped about and shunned.
Why? Because the devil girls have idiotic parents. And I know it’s the parents. Actually, I’ve never seen the dad, not sure he even exists. But I talked to the mother a couple of times, told her how her kids ripped my daughter’s bedroom door off the hinges. She didn’t even say a word, just turned away.
They loved Spook even if I started to despise them being here 7 days a week, 10 hours a day. I’d send them home, they’d come back. Like a scourge. They stole my kid’s toys, they were constantly demanding food or just taking it, they ripped a door off the fucking hinges twice, busted the front door frame and broke a window trying to get inside when we didn’t answer the door. Then one day the youngest brings a tv dinner down and asks, “Will you cook this for me? Dad won’t wake up.”
She was six.
And her sister, two years older, has to drag her everywhere. Six and eight years old, wandering a trailer park at dark…
So when I say these are shitty parents and demonic kids…It ain’t anger talking. It is fact.
I was happy when they stopped coming around. There was a rumor going around that I was a lesbian ‘cos I dared have a female friend stay for awhile (omg, it’s proof positive someone is gay!) and apparently the other trailer park parents found this unsavory. Then came the lice epidemic for two fucking years off and on when the demon girls came around. God, I hated to see my kid lose friends but I felt like I won the lottery when they went away.
40 years I never once dealt with lice. They bring it around and now they’re the ones out spreading lies about my kid, telling other kids so they shun her, and making her cry.

GRRRRR. My blood has been boiling for sixteen hours now. The parents are too ignorant to even bother talking to. And their mother is a raging bitch who enjoys fist fights so I don’t even want to be bothered with her. The kids, well, they are kids, and they believe what their parents tell them then they spread it around so other kids and parents believe it.
This is breaking my kid’s heart and I feel impotent. I know I can’t protect her from reality and kids can be mean but shit. She’s FIVE. I was expecting this shit come junior high, not fucking kindergarten.

So yeah, that’s my obscenity laden disjointed rant. And I don’t apologize. I’ve noticed lately a lot of mental health bloggers are apologizing for writing long posts, rants, et al and ya know what? I don’t. I am not sorry. No one is forced to read my spewage. If they choose to and take something positive away, good.
This blog is as eclectic as my personality and for every logical post I write that gets an ass ton of likes…
There will be ten of these.
Mental purge is necessity.
Popularity is not.

Days like this I just really want to blast Slipknot’s “People Equal Shit” from a stack of amps.
Picking on a five year old who only wants to have friends…
Disgusting. The human race is disgusting and vile sometimes.
And if I seem judgmental or offensive…
By all means tell me what the positive side of someone spreading lies and making a sweet five year old bawl her eyes out.

5 Responses to “I Was Gonna Spew Some Sunshine…”

  1. Yes, they definitely sound like demon spawn offspring from Lucifer himself. Years,,, ago my now 25 y/o daughter kept getting (5 times) lice from the nextdoor neighbor girl & while she & her Mom weren’t mean/horrible, the mom was neglectful & just ignored the lice, I was a mess spending hard earned money for the shampoo, washing clothes/bedding, nit-picking (my kid had long thick hair) & constantly thinking I had them & itching. I feel ya! 😦

    • Oh, that chemical crap in addition to being pricy, tore my kid’s scalp up. So my friend turned me on to what he did for his three girls when they got lice. My kid was not happy about spending 12 hours with her hair covered in mayo and a shower cap but it’s worked four times now. Saves a fortune, too. Plus I got a robi comb. Any time she starts itching or I do (we both have dry scalp) I whip out the robi. Odd how the topic of lice makes you itch and get paranoid even when it’s not there.

      On Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 11:17 AM, Take a Ride on My Mood Swing wrote:


      • Oh yeah I forgot about that, the poisonous pesticide does irritate scalps annddd,,, it only kills the lice, so if you can’t/aren’t vigilant about getting rid of the nits, they hatch & repopulate (& lice are ‘basically born pregnant,,,)

  2. Ugh, people suck. -__-

  3. People are assholes. Kids are assholes. Ignorant and negligent parents are worse. I hate demon spawn-because I fear for my children

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