How To Write An Offensive Or Boring Post

My blog.

Bore, offend, invite trollfucks…I am a full service blogger here.
I’ve also come to believe I am flypaper for number floozies. I will pick up a follower, reciprocate by following them, then suddenly I’m down a follower.
If you do shit like that…I hope I offend you. Shallow people deserve to be offended. I can Unfollow is just as easily if that’s your game so think twice. I have a voodoo doll…

What can I say about today…
I bottled up my vitriol just to keep the peace.
That lasted about four hours. During which I did nothing but get dispatched to WalMart (trauma pay should have been included) and watch the latest X Men movie while listening to R carry on about how great his weekend was, his amazing his kids and grandkids are. When I tried to join the conversation, ya know, like mentioning my weekend…As usual, it’s ignored and right back to busted shit or his family or well, HIM, anything in his orbit. I still remember during his custody battle when both parents had to go in for a psych eval and I told him he was going to be labeled a narcissist. He swore I was wrong.
Yet that was his diagnosis and I don’t think a nail has ever been hit more squarely on the head.
He still denies it which is all the proof I need that I have evolved yet he has not. Which means I should take anything he says or does with a grain of salt.
Anyway…I got my Focalin, and I told him I’ll continue to not answer my phone if it suits me.
I may have to suffer fools but I don’t do it silently.
Why limit who I offend, the more the merrier.
Besides, dealing with him after 7pm once the beer starts flowing, not even Mother Theresa would fare well there. Much better when he sobers up. (Not that he drinks too much, just 96 ounces a night, seven nights a week…Denial is gorgeous.)

My mood was low earlier but also was my anxiety.
Then I took the first Focalin. Ok, the generic stuff.
In what I can only call amazing and maybe too good to not be a placebo effect…I actually feel calmer now that my brain has slowed down and is on some sort of track. I have a headache but otherwise, no side effects. It’s one dose and I need to be cautiously optimistic but…
It’s 7 pm and I haven’t hit rock bottom and slithered off the bedroom crypt. This is progress, of a sort.
Who knows, in a week’s time I might actually write a post that makes sense even to the mundanes, I’ll be so focused.

Or I could sprout wings and grow a unicorn horn and become a pegacorn.
Maybe that’s why I keep tying knots in the end of my rope. You never know what is around the corner in this life.
Hell, it might even be something good.

I think the pharmacy gave me acid, I am apparently tripping balls with that optimism shit.

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