A Moment Of Sarcastic Levity

Unless you are suffering from a neurochemical imbalance, you are NOT allowed to make such comments as the following.
No one said life was fair.

Mentally ill people need a dating/friending site.
Since the mundanes (those without mental issues, or so they tell themselves) find us so difficult and too much of a downer…We should totally band together as a social network of our own. Friendships, dating, long term romance, career opportunities…All within the scope of our imbalanced brain chemistry. Bond over drug cocktails, commiserate of Post Traumatic Shrink Disorder, mutual anxiety induced freak outs, manic benders at the virtual bar/mall. It could be a thing. Ha ha, we could even have our own version of Pharm land.
I’m not really being sarcastic (just a little quirky humor).

Is it really any crazier than a dating site solely for farmers?

5 Responses to “A Moment Of Sarcastic Levity”

  1. Googling chucks up http://www.bipolardatingsite.com/, which… I don’t even know. xD

    • Reminds me of a prank site some troll once put up and linked on Reddit. They’re harsh on there toward the mentally ill, seems to be about their speed. Plus the whole part of bipolar being managed as easily as one manages life itself…
      Highly suspect.
      If I want to pay to meet people who will like me I’ll hire a male escort.
      Maybe Dollar Tree runs a cost cutter service…

  2. I have mixed feelings about this, but only anecdotal evidence to support it. I recently tried this – dating someone who also experienced anxiety and depression. I thought it would be great! We could empathize with each other, have an idea of what the other needed when feeling down, anxious etc. It totally blew up in my face and ended up making me feel more depressed and anxious. It didn’t help that I learned (directly from his therapist’s mouth) that he was treating him for borderline. It came out when we were breaking up…not exactly the illness you want to deal with in a situation as fundamentally about rejection as a breakup. Anyway, maybe it will work for others. I can see the appeal. Just be careful…

    • Sorry to hear about your experience.

      While I don’t think it’d be a bad idea for a friendship site (which could lead to more) I get what you mean. I’ve always tried to seek out those who are the opposite of me in hopes their logic and lack of whimsy might keep me grounded during the unstable periods. That didn’t work out well either because they just wanted the woman who was well, they had no use for the basketcase side of me.

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