Manic to splat in a few hours flat

Flood posting?
Just tracking the mood shifts.

And after I fetched my kid from school…
No trigger, no warning.
I suppose that’s the hallmark of cyclothymia shifts, rapid.
But the depressions pretty much secure me at bipolar two.

My kid is throwing a fit because I am going to make her eat pasta with me for supper. Kicking, whining, screeching, telling me how mean I am.

Enter anxiety.

And she just mauled the cat, because she is mad at me and taking it out on what she knows I love.
I sent her to her room.
All this because she doesn’t want to eat differently shaped pasta.

Life is hard enough.
Toss in the mood crap…

Calgon, take me away.
So 1970’s.
I am soo old.
Or as I prefer to say, retro.

Yes, please.


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