Dejection Alley

Yep. My address is Dejection Alley.
Today started ok, I was determined to get my kid back to school Between me and Bex, I thought we’d conquered it. We went by the shop to get a third opinion since R has the lighted magnifier.
Oh we missed gobs of nits. Actually, I think the fuckers are cemented on. If only glue companies could copy whatever adhesive it is lice use. Geesh.
Back to our leper colony we went.
Made the mistake of giving my kid sugar this morning. She started channeling satan, getting aggressive, hyper, yelling, arguing, name calling. We torture her. We hurt her. We are horrible beasts.
I’d like to shoot whatever force created head lice because I am so frustrated at this point, I want to shoot myself. How is it other parents have it done and the kid is back at school the next day yet mine is going into day 7 of absence??? How can I possibly fuck up that badly over and over again?
I’m scared (terrified) they’re going to have me arrested for truancy or investigated by child services. We are trying sooo damn hard. Hinges on the kid’s cooperation which is infrequent. Even R, who has saintly patience with kids, was getting frustrated with her and we were only there five minutes.
Tired of Lice Tales? Yeah, me too. I wish to fuck there was a nitting service nearby,I’d go sell my blood just to have someone else do it and do it right because this has me stressed I have pretty much missed the entire Halloween month. That does depress me, this is my only time of year I get to be me and not be called some sort of psychopath.

So, yeah…I sprayed pam cooking spray into her hair to get it oily. The nurse did say olive oil would help loosen the nits. Between the mayo and Pam, I think she’s a slice of ham from being a sammich.
Her tantruming put my nerves further on edge.
My family (dad’s faction) keeps calling, demanding why I haven’t gotten it done yet. Nope. I suck. Notice no one in my family has offered to come help and being as perfect as they all are, it’d have been done in ten minutes in their magical awesome hands.

I am rocking this bitterness thing.
Grrr. Just stressed and frustrated.

I finally made a call today I put off for a week due to anxiety paralyzing my dialing fingers. Three times,no answer. Fourth time, lady I need to speak with isn’t in,but we will call back in an hour or so with info for you.
Never happened.
The school called while we were out. They didn’t leave a message. I told both the central and main office ladies (yesterday) she wouldn’t be there today but I had planned on bringing her to the nurse. Apparently, no one between the two offices knows what’s going on at the other. Fed up with this fucking school already. And ya know how much of the fund raiser TWENTY DOLLARS FOR A BOX OF TEN TURTLES stuff we’ve sold? Zilch. She’s in Kindergarten,ffs. My family and friends can’t afford that crap anyway. Ridiculous.

I never intend for these posts to be disjointed rants (and I have noticed few people bother to read long posts) but all this crap gets trapped in my head and the hamster keeps running real fast on his wheel until I can’t hear myself think from all the racing thoughts. Only way to slow him down is to blog or drink or both. I wish I had a drink. Or ten. I’ve never been more focused outside Focalin or a couple of drinks. Wouldn’t it be nice if a doctor actually listened to that?

Whatevs. (We’ve been watching a lot of The Middle and that’s an Axlism.)

On a positive note…Bex taped this and posted it to youtube. My kid,in her mayo head and shower cap, dancing happily to Cell Block Tango from the movie Chicago. She’s a demon but sometimes, the halo hangs off one of the horns.

2 Responses to “Dejection Alley”

  1. I’m so sorry you are going through all of this.
    I looked around online and found this. I hope it can help.

    Best wishes 🙂

    • Thanks for the new ideas. We got the all clear today but we will be very watching closely and those ideas you linked to are something we can keep in the arsenal against icky ickies. 🙂

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